The Ashes Of Memory, Revealed

by Staff | May 8, 2007 12:54 PM |

Webber.jpgSomehow the ashes of Nazi victims burned at Auschwitz ended up in New Haven, buried under a memorial constructed 30 years ago by Edgewood Park. How did the ashes get there? Ask the man in the photo above.

Better yet, listen to him tell the story.

His name is Mal Webber. (He’s pictured with his wife, Rae Webber.) His taped remembrances are part of an exhibit at the Jewish Community Center commemorating the 30th anniversary of the holocaust memorial at West Park and Whalley avenues.

memorial.JPGNew Haven’s was the first memorial to the victims of the Holocaust built on public land in America. (The end of this article has information about the memorial’s restoration.)

The current exhibit was produced by Greater New Haven Holocaust Memory, Inc. based on interviews by the New Haven Oral History Project.

Click on the play arrow below to three audio clips. The first is a 9-minute audio documentary featuring a number of voices from the New Haven Oral History Project collection, with a voiceover by director Andy Horowitz. In the second, Webber tells the story of the ashes’ journey; in the third, his wife, Rae, reflects on their significance.

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