“We Are At War”

by Paul Bass | July 24, 2007 11:30 AM | | Comments (29)

Picture%20017.jpgForeigners are threatening our way of life. Traitor politicians control the government and are helping them. Bankers are in on it. They have a plot to destroy America.

Those rallying cries from mid-20th century America resounded outside the steps of City Hall morning — raised by in some cases direct organizational descendants — as New Haven began issuing immigrant-friendly municipal ID cards

Several dozen anti-immigrant protesters demonstrated against the plan, which enables holders to open bank accounts, use city parks for free, borrow library books. The IDs also double as debit cards for use at parking meters and participating city stores and restaurants. The card is aimed at a wide group of New Haveners without drivers licenses, such as teens and some seniors. The controversy surrounds their intended use by undocumented immigrants who have trouble opening bank accounts — and therefore become easy prey for muggers.

The protesters Tuesday were led by Ted Pechinski (pictured at the top of this story) of the North Branford-based Southern Connecticut Citizens for Immigration Reform (SCIR).

“You are only 3 percent of the population,” Pechinski barked through a bullhorn at immigrants entering City Hall to obtain their cards. “We are going to fight you all the way!”

“We are at war,” Pechinski said at another point. “We will fight to the end to win that war.”

Pechinski’s group works alongside the nativist, far-right-wing John Birch Society, famous in the ’60s for calling both civil rights and the fluoridation of American water a Commie plot and President Eisenhower (yes, Eisenhower) a Commie agent.

Click here to listen to SCIR protest organizer Dustin Gold (of North Branford) tell the Independent’s Melinda Tuhus about those alliances; click here to see the group’s web site, with its John Birch link.

A common theme expressed by protesters was that undocumented workers will flood into cities that embrace them and take American jobs or strain municipal services, while promoting Spanish language or culture.

The protesters also focused on what the called the role of bankers in the ID scheme. They noted that a new not-for-profit community bank, First City, is financially supporting the municipal ID plan and promises to allow immigrants to use the ID cards to open accounts. Speakers Tuesday accused Mayor DeStefano and Yale legal services professor Bob Solomon of personally profiting from the scheme, because they have been involved in the creation of the bank and serve as unpaid directors. Neither makes money from the bank; they were involved in community protests over another bank’s demutualization that led to a state-brokered agreement to create the new not-for-profit bank.

Another organizer of Tuesday’s protest, WELI-AM morning host Jerry Kristafer, was asked about working alongside Birchers. Kristafer responded that groups can agree on an issue or two without sharing entire agendas.

Click on the play arrow to watch Kristafer discuss that question, as well as the campaign he has launched both on his morning drive-time show and in public speeches against New Haven’s embrace of its immigrant community.

WELI earlier this year got rid of its last staff reporters covering New Haven. However, in light of the attention given Kristafer’s on-air anti-immigrant diatribes, the station broadcast live from City Hall Tuesday morning.

Since it no longer had staff reporters to help Kirstafer out on the scene, the station pressed Nicole, a member of the promotional department, to interview protesters. Nicole said she preferred not to offer her own opinion on the issue when asked Tuesday; nor would she say if she herself was born in this country. Click on the play arrow to watch her responses, cut short by Kristafer, who interceded and compared the interview to a “rape.”

Bob%20Luciano.jpgThe majority of protesters, such as Bob Luciani of Woodbridge (pictured), drove from suburban towns to protest New Haven’s new plan.

Mary Ann Geremia, on the other hand, grew up in New Haven and still lives here. Her grandfather came here from Naples, Italy, in 1902. Geremia held a sign changing Mayor John DeStefano’s name to “Juan Carlos.” Protesters have repeatedly distributed similar materials, which confirms to their opponents that racism underlies the opposition to the city’s immigration-friendly policies. Geremia said she uses the Spanish because DeStefano “wants to be part of the illegal Spanish community… He wants to be illegal, just like the rest of them.” Click on the play arrow to watch her explanation.

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Posted by: Westvillian | July 24, 2007 1:07 PM

From the front page, when Jerry Kristafer is labeled a "hate-jock" I question the objective nature of this article. Kind of ruins the whole thing for me. Too bad, I'd love to stay informed about this issue (just not indoctrinate).

Posted by: on whalley | July 24, 2007 1:42 PM

I wonder why it is thet when quoting Geremia the report uses the term "illegal" but in all other references to the illegal population they are referred to as "immigrants?"

Since when has law been a matter of perception?
They are "illegal" to who it matters and to who it does not they are simply "immigrants."

Calling them "anti-immigrant protesters" is frankly stupid. I didnt see anyone lined up outside any Polish delis or outside of the Ethiopian restaraunt.

If you feel the need to continue your reporting, I use the term loosely, at the very least you could use the correct terms. Unless of course participating in the media's myths turned fact by popular opinion game is really what the Independent is all about.

By the way, I was born in New Haven, live in New Haven, work in New Haven, was educated in New Haven, and have lost more than one job to an illegal in my time. Only one of which was actually Hispanic. The others were from Europe. So, please, call me a hate mongering, racist, anti-immigrant because of course I hate my grandparents for immigrating to this country, the legal way.

Posted by: da hill | July 24, 2007 2:23 PM

It is always refreshing to see that racism is still alive and well. I say it is refreshing because Id rather see a snake and know its a snake rather than find out after it bites me in the ass. Thses people represent the the face of ignorance in our city...take heed to who they are and make a note of where they work. A racist pig is not only a racist pig on the weekends, they are racist 24 hours a day, seven days a week. My name is Carlos and my brothers name is Juan and we were both born at St. Rays....so the next time you all want to protest something, how about wearing your uniforms you cowards...thats right, get the old sheets drycleand and let us see you for what you truly are...PIGS.

Posted by: FairHavenRes | July 24, 2007 2:58 PM

More interviews with TED and Mary Ann. They are great! Jerry too, he is so NOT informed about the John Burke Society.

Mary Ann, your dad got a green card in 1902? I think you might be misinformed about that one. Check your immigration history.

Posted by: nfjanette [TypeKey Profile Page] | July 24, 2007 4:43 PM

So, you might wonder, what does a centrist moderate like that infamous newhavenindependent commentator, nfjanette, think of this situation?

Liberals to the left of me trying to protect the safety of local illegal immigrants while pretending these actions are not motivated in part by political outreach toward the Latino community. They're also ignoring the larger negative impact on the economy for native low-skilled workers, the issues with the poor state of border security, and the fact that supporting illegal workers is supporting the trafficking of desperate people into situations where they are underpaid and living and working in dangerous conditions...

Racists to the right of me - holy Moses, I had no idea the John Birch people were still kicking - are ready to drive the illegals into the sea, especially if they speak Spanish, and worked toward the defeat of the compromise bill in congress that would have represented the first serious progress on immigration reform in a long time.

Where does that leave me, and I suspect, the vast majority of reasonable Americans that don't subscribe to the false dichotomies of polar-opposite political opinions so beloved of the media? After all, you're either "Pro-Life" or "Pro-Choice", right? Wrong - capital "W".

"Well I don't know why I came here tonight,
I got the feeling that something ain't right,
I'm so scared in case I fall off my chair,
And I'm wondering how I'll get down the stairs,
Clowns to the left of me,
Jokers to the right, here I am,
Stuck in the middle with you..."

Posted by: Netram | July 24, 2007 5:37 PM

Paul Bass your liberal pro illegal bias is glaring through in this article. Do your job as a journalist and report the news, not your opinion. This is not fair to your reading public and to your credibility as the neutral journalist you are supposed to be. Shame on you!

Posted by: Joe | July 24, 2007 7:09 PM

This is so sad. People hating people. People feeling they have to label others as "illegal." Thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis are dying because of such mindsets. Milions have no health insurance. Millions live under the poverty level. Our public education system is ailing big time. And these hate-mongers, like the ill-informed Jerry Kristafer, are outraged that DeStefano wants to even out the playing field a little. Bring some humanity to New Haven. Shame on this country. Obama in '08! Please!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Tom Marten | July 24, 2007 8:14 PM

Paul Bass's article "We Are At War" is a totally bias piece of journalism.
It is embarrassing to read. His liberal pro illegal bias is glaring through in this
What kind of journalists do you have working for you? He should be doing his job as
a journalist and report the news, not his opinion. The video interviews were as
close to calling some a racist as I have ever seen from what is supposed to be a
legitimate credible journalist. He practically accused the radio DJ of using this
issue as a way to bump up ratings? That is disgusting for him to suggest that while
he is doing his job as a neutral reporter. This is not fair to the reading public
and to his credibility as the neutral journalist. The credibility of your news paper
is at stack when journalists that represent your paper are blatantly bias. Shame on
him! Shame on you for printing this garbage.

Posted by: Rizzo | July 24, 2007 8:31 PM

It is disheartening to see someone like Paul Bass trammel journalistic principles this way. Mr. Bass should label his writing editorial or commentary. But for him to report the news using propaganda terms like "anti-immigrant" (the protesters are not anti-immigrant; they oppose lawbreakers) "nativist" or the propaganda term "undocumented" as well as employ other such biased rhethorical devices in my view diminishes greatly his standing and credibility. He is entitled to his political views of course but he should present them as such, not pass them off as reporting. We all know he's left wing so the complaint is more about ethics than about disagreeing with him politically.

Posted by: Joe | July 24, 2007 10:00 PM

Dear Tom Marten et al,

First of all, there is no such thing as a totally unbiased journalist because there's no such thing as a totally unbiased human being. What the NHI gives its many readers is an in-depth, daring, excellently reported look at stuff this city, this country has been brainwashed into believing by the most corrupt administration we've ever had. It seems as long as there's a Wal-Mart down the street, a Lazy-Boy chair in the den, a cold 6-pack in the refrig and a large-screen TV, all's well.

Unfortunately, it's not and with the help of Republican Joe "Let's Attack Iran Next" Lieberman and his White House friends we are at the brink of WWIII. Does it truly bother you all that human beings who come to this country get a little help? Do you know the stats on how many immigrants who come to this "land of the free and brave" start their own businesses? Contribute so much to this culture? In fact, there is no American culture. It's all derived from the wonderful diversity this country was founded on.

I wish folks would find something meaningful to concentrate on. It's pretty crazy that there's so little outrage over all the corporate welfare that's handed out. Over all the billions that have been put into an illegal war. How much war profiteering that goes on. And how the poor and disabled have been f*cked over by the pharmaceutical industry. We've all know that many must decide between medicine and food, etc.

Open your hearts. You'd be surprised at how much better you'd feel.

Posted by: guest | July 24, 2007 10:32 PM

I don't know, I like the videos. My favorite part is when each interview is over you can hear Paul saying "akay."

Personally, I think that is cute.

He has a lot of background on some issues, and isn't going to report with a machinelike imperative to be hyper shallow. I might suggest you watch one of the television news stations if you want the quick take. Or another newspaper for a different take. It takes all kinds.

That's life.

I DO think it is insane to characterize his questions to the WELI reporter as a rape. Sheesh - is it against the law to ask questions now? A felony even. Give me a break.

Posted by: guest | July 24, 2007 10:45 PM

Well, except for the last video -- he grilled her in a way that was demandingly leading.

Of course, she can deny racism by pointing to the undocumented status of the aliens and point out the factual reality that the vast majority of the undocumented in New Haven are Spanish speaking.

Paul was definitely angling with the notion that that is racist, and maybe it is.

I will say I am really sick of those leaning on the "legality" question as if it can hold weight. There is no excuse for not knowing what a shambles legal immigration is in right now -- pretending ignorance isn't flying with an educated crowd in New Haven -- that is the crux of this, let's face it. Do the protesters really think there are great and viable legal avenues for immigration, like their grandparents had?

In most parts of the country, doing nothing to learn English is inexcusable after a while (14 years definitely qualifies as "a while") It does disgust me that so many Spanish speaking immigrants refuse to learn English, especially when you consider that Literacy Volunteers and other groups provide free lessons. What's that all about? Do you hate English speaking people? Do you hate the language of New Haven, of Connecticut? the card gives you some respect you say, but at least try to show some in return by learning the language.

Posted by: g | July 24, 2007 10:49 PM

Hey, I just read Joe's post, and by golly he is right. Wouldn't leaders love us to be wringing our hands over a few undocumented immigrants when we should be concerned about massive corporate welfare and a disaster in foreign affairs.

Posted by: Dean Moriarty | July 24, 2007 11:56 PM

Well, to paraphrase Joe, there IS a Wal-Mart down the road a bit, I DO have a nice recliner from Raymour + Flanagans (though it's not a Lazy-Boy), I WILL enjoy the occasional Coors Light, and yep, there's a 42-inch plasma, but things are not "all well". My home's taxes have doubled, our police resources (paid for by those taxes) have dwindled (though let me make clear, through no fault of the men and women who serve, but rather the City administration), I'm afraid to walk in the daytime or drive at night in the neighborhoods I've grown up in for the last 55 years, drivers careen down our street at maddening speeds (in the nineteen years that we've lived in this Fair Haven neighborhood there's been so many MV fatalities and near fatalities that I've lost track, including one on my lawn, while I was standing there!), we keep our property presentable, but the daily influx (that's an understatement) of Burger King wrappers, hypos, glassine bags and other detritus is almost impossible to keep up with. So no, things are not "all well".

Which should make it obvious why I can't fathom why this Mayor would double property taxes and then institute a program that does nothing to help the financial base that carries this City, but rather is a slap in the face to that base. This program may have some good points, but it's clear that it should not be at the expense of resident taxpayers. Yeah, I'm sure someone is going to tell me it's NOT at my expense, but after just paying my (double) July taxes, then maybe you can help me out come January.

As for the other issue, yeah! Come on, Paul and Melissa, what are you doing? I was so glad to see the Independent come into existance as an alternative to our "other" paper in New Haven. But...you can't do opiniated pieces like this unless they're clearly stated as editorial matter. I love your paper and reporting, but I do NOT want to be spoon fed your opinions. That's precisely why I stopped reading the Advocate. You have a great opportunity here to be a viable community driven forum. Don't muck it up with your own opinions (unless editorial), believe it or not, we can all think for ourselves.

Ahhh, I long for the days of "View From The Bottom".

Posted by: Bryan | July 25, 2007 12:23 AM


The JBS never said Dwight was a communist agent, and never said fluoridation was a communist plot. Absolute ignorance and disdain for facts was shown in the writing of this hit piece.

Fortunately in this age of the internet, folks can check out www.JBS.org to learn the truth for themselves.

Posted by: Bill Saunders | July 25, 2007 6:03 AM


I am officially taking umbrage with the statement:
(condensed version) that racism underlies the opposition to the city's immigration-friendly policies, since protesters repeatedly used materials changing John Destefano's name to Juan Carlos, or other spanish names.

Being the author of one such polemical response, I think the charge of racism is quite a convenient and severe one. Maybe some people just have an extreme sense of social satire.

If Juan D'Estefano aka John Stevens Jr. aka Ray del Mundo aka Mayor is the target of the this 'racist' propaganda, is it possible that the underlying rationale is not necessarily a racist one?

Be careful of your generalizations. There are intelligent troublemakers out there -- sorry if it doesn't fit in with your personal politics.

Isn't it just as racist to say that illegal immigrants are targetted by criminals because of their status? How is it that a mugger knows that their victim is illegal?

By how they look?

I would love to see the invisible statistics on that charge, as well as the much echoed justification that they do the jobs we won't do.

Do you have such data, or are you just a liberal parrot?

Posted by: dirk | July 25, 2007 8:03 AM

Paul Bass... reporter or propagandist?

Great Hit Piece Paul. Now go back to Jschool and learn how to REPORT not opinionate.

Posted by: Judy Aron | July 25, 2007 9:03 AM

Legitimizing illegal aliens is wrong. They are here illegally - what part of that do you not get?

They are not "undocumented" - as if they lost their papers or something - they have intentionally broken our laws. What is a tragedy here is that the federal and state and local governments refuse to uphold that law.

DeStefano is aiding and abetting illegal activity. He is an accomplice in their crime. And yes it is a crime.

To call these protesters anti-immigrant is just plain assinine.

Marginalizing the protesters because the Birchers have joined in doesn't make much sense either. The modern Birchers are constitutionalists and are very concerned about illegal immigration that is destroying our country and sapping our already stretched taxpayer funded social programs. They happen to be on the forefront in protesting plans for the North American Union/SPP scheme. I guess you support the destruction of our country by allowing the elimination of citizenship and letting anyone enter this country illegally. Shame on you.

I assume you don't believe in following our laws.

Thanks goodness these protesters were there and thank goodness they will not relent. I support them 100% and so does my husband, who came to this country LEGALLY and became a citizen.

Posted by: Alex | July 25, 2007 9:40 AM

The assertion was that illegal immigrants are being targeted with increased frequency because of the likelihood that they will be carrying large sums of cash. It could well be the case that legal immigrants, or any members of minority groups are being targeted more often, too. Stating a statistic is hardly enough to consider the author racist.

Incidentally, I'm all for increased immigration "legal" or "illegal." Why respect geopolitical boundaries? The benefits of having more immigrants flock to the United States far outweigh the costs, most of which are on wasteful government programs that should be done away with anyway. Let the immigrants come; maybe the increased strain on welfare and public schools will finally convince the populace and politicians that such things are better left to those that are willing to pay for them.

Posted by: on whalley | July 25, 2007 10:36 AM

I have to wonder, you asked Jerrry Kristofer whether or not this issue has contributed to his ratings so how has this issue contributed to your hits? You have sponsors along the pages borders and not all of them are non-profits.

Assuming of course your only motivation for covering this would be to increase traffic. That is the assumption you were making when asking Kristofer about his ratings? Is it not?

If his ratings have increased due to this topic and his coverage perhaps that would indicate more people than you thought are against this mess.

What exactly were you getting at with that question?

As far as likening your harrassment of their intern to "rape" I wouldnt go so far. But she did repeatedly ask you to back off and clearly stated she did not wish to be aked any questions or recorded. But then, the media doesnt exaclty concern itself with people's wishes, feeling or privacy, does it? If someone doesnt want to be recorded or bothered what do you get by pushing it? Punched in the face? Clearly you wont get an answer. But then, you dont want an answer. You want an outburst or hostile reaction you can use to push your own personal agenda and use to smear a persons character. There really is no hnor is what these kids claim to be "journalism" is there?

Just a bunch of self-righteous pseudo intellectuals who believe the world is blessed due to their very existance in it.

Posted by: somewhereonElm | July 25, 2007 11:10 AM

Kudos Paul Bass for reporting a true account of what happened on Tuesday morning in front of city hall. Objectivity is overrated just like, political correctness, right wing conservatives, left wing liberals and anything else that excludes context, environmental influence, individual temperament and institutional infrastructure as factors to be accounted for when discussing societal ills. Give me true accounts in reporting - tell me what happened - that is not always objective. Truth and objectivity are not synonymous. If those people are racist, (which I think they are....), no amount of objectivity in world can compensate for that. What is happening is that all of the ignorance and hate that has been hiding under the guise of melting pots, mixing bowls, multi-culturism, diversity and so many other empty buzz words is being exposed because the fakers are finding it hard to keep pretending - which is evident in this story. Again, thanks for the truth Paul, I understand that it is not your bias that makes these people look and sound foolish - you have just captured them doing a bang up job of it for themselves.

Posted by: Netram | July 25, 2007 12:09 PM


"I wish folks would find something meaningful to concentrate on."

That statement is nothing then your opinion. It is not a statement of fact. It is your leftist view of the world.

Millions of people would disagree. In fact enough to stop the Amnesty bill from going forward. I think you call that the will of the people.

New Haven is 95% Democrat so I am not surprised at the assumption that illegal immigration is a non issue and that "racism" is the root evil of all the commotion. Your leaders have been drumming that into your head the last few years. The Latino vote will help them get elected so why not pander to them. Seems funny they never paid much attention to Latinos until the demographic shift. Because of that I question their motives.

I used to be a Democrat till I wised up and became an Independent.

Posted by: Dean Moriarty | July 25, 2007 9:52 PM

Netram is right on the mark. Where were all these concerns before this demographic shift occured? That in itself is pretty telling, as far as politician's motivations. One has to believe that our beloved Mayor isn't looking so much to influence a sea change of social reform, but rather to build a larger voting base and create a regional name for himself. What tires me is the holier-than-thou attitude from certain politicians and media (and I'm surprised and a bit dissapointed to see the Independent reflecting that). Liberal Dems seem to feel that if you do not agree with them you are a Geico caveman. The opinions and frustrations of the taxpayers in this city and surrounding ones should not be dismissed. But, apparently they are by this Administration.

Oh, one more thing. Cane we retire the word "nativist"? How about replacing it with "realist"?

Posted by: True New Havener | July 26, 2007 8:10 AM

Bill Saunders,

When you attempt to insult someone by changing their name to a bastardized Spanish version of their actual name, you are trying to indicate that having a Spanish name would be an insult.

If you were to color the Mayor's face in to make it look brown or black you would be trying to accomplish the same thing -- to insult him by saying if he were of this ethnicity he would be less of a person.

The flyers are racist. They were intended to be hurtful, not to the Mayor who is pretty clear that he is not Latino, but to Latinos to whom the author was trying to say: look we can degrade the Mayor by making him more like you. Disgusting.

Posted by: Not On Whalley, Just up the Road on the Boulevard | July 26, 2007 8:20 AM

On Whalley,

Seems like a big difference between:

Paul interviewing an adult woman who it turns out was being paid to participate in the rally and did not want to talk about her role or her personal views on a topic that her employer is profiting off of.

Jerry making fun of a young child who tried his best to indicate why he was at the rally.

One is actual news -- WELI employees were paid to help facilitate the rally.

One is sick behavior by any adult.

Oh yeah, and you said "Just a bunch of self-righteous pseudo intellectuals who believe the world is blessed due to their very existance in it."

Can't any of us who deem to comment be accused of the same thing? Seems like a pointless assault. Stick to your actual point.

Posted by: Bill Saunders | July 26, 2007 6:46 PM

True New Havener,

A parody of the the Muncipal ID, hmmmmmmmm....

Am I saying that having a Spanish name would be an insult? Think not. I even gave Johnny an Ellis Island style name -- John Stevens Jr. Am I now somehow anti-Italian? Maybe the commentary was just a little over your head.

Just rememember, in satire nothing is sacred.
Save your disgust for the real hate-mongers.

Posted by: True New Havener | July 27, 2007 12:14 AM

Bill Saunders,

Maybe I missed something. When did it become wrong to call something racist when it is actually racist. To call something satire which was intended to be hurtful once you learn that people take offense is a cop out. I will assume you had no intent. But racism is not satire -- it is racism. You cannot call a person inferior by birth and then say "hey can't you take a joke."

However your point was that when racist propaganda is used it does not mean that the people issuing it are racist. Hmmm. So where do you draw the line. What racist actions would someone need to take to be a racist.

See here's the problem. These folks chose to cross a line. They tried to demean the Mayor by giving him a Latino name. This assumes that one is degraded by being a Latino.

Your belief that we should look behind racist propaganda to see if there is some valid point being made misunderstands several truths: (1) racist propaganda is intentionally racist and meant to injure and create fear, (2) people who use such propaganda need to be clearly identified as racist otherwise they begin to be allowed into the public discourse where hate can spread, and (3) they are engaging in a fundamental lie -- all people are inherently equal.

Once you do demonstrate that you do not hold this view of fundamental equality, you do not deserve to be a part of the public dialogue. You can still speak since democracy must protect this right but it also must protect the right of equality. Thus people who believe in democracy must say clearly that you are outside its bounds and not try to look inside your words to find some nugget of truth hidden inside the evil of hate.

Posted by: Bill Saunders | July 28, 2007 8:33 PM

Hey True,

You did miss something. I always considered the particular piece in question (the ID card parody) to be social satire -- it is you who are trying to ascribe racism to it. (attaching hate to my nugget of truth). Provocative might be a better term -- as in to stimulate discussion -- as in what we are doing right now. The only race I brought into it was the Mayor's Race.

It's obvious to me that my ideas of democracy are a little broader than yours, as I feel that everybody is always allowed in the debate. Are you advocating that Citizens be ostracized from the process based on their beliefs. Sounds like it.

For the amount of consistent uproar this ID program has caused, in liberal CT, in this day and age, I would say there is a legitimate 'hot button' here, that is not about race, but rather, federal policy, and economic fear.

Didn't notice Johnny touting this policy during the governor's race. I thought the state issued already issued valid personal identity cards. I also find it interesting that King John needs to start a bank to have a financial institution to actually accept these cards. Will it be FDIC?

Just so everybody is on the same page with the images in question, click here:


(Drat you True! You made me get a Myspace account!)

Just remember to look at the entire context of the commentary(all four images), or I will deign to call you an erasist! Bet you'd hate that too!

Posted by: Bill Saunders | July 29, 2007 7:13 PM

Oops. Bad Link.

try here to view 'racist' commentary


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