Gone Dishin’ For The Odds

by Gone Dishin' | May 5, 2008 3:43 PM | | Comments (1)

claudiaand1.pngThe unseasonable weather failed to dampen the spirits of the crowd at the annual Kentucky Derby party co-hosted by Claudia Merson and Mike Morand.

“My Old Kentucky Home” was sung without songsheets by the other native Kentuckians who joined this year’s festivities. Derby decor was a wonderful backdrop for even the most millinery challenged. There was some pretty dazzling head gear.

The main fare was Mike’s burgoo. Burgoo is a soup or stew made from meats and vegetables. Historically it was cooked outdoors. Although the center of the burgoo universe is Owensboro, Kentucky, there is no better place to have it in New Haven.

The Dish thought slow cooking exotic game was more civilized than witnessing a pig roasting on a spit and did not inquire as to the exact nature of the meat. For the faint of heart and squeamish of stomach, there were plenty of identifiable choices.

The mint juleps flowed freely and served to inspire the group to taste every imaginable pecan pastry on display.

The homework had been done; even the academicians were prepared with knowledge of post positions, odds and their own “longshots”. The betting sheets were piled high for the party’s unanimous ” favorite” — THE NEW HAVEN FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY — the winner of all of the proceeds. The smartest bettors received books and genuine Derby caps as trophies for their gambling prowess.

The same crowd will be back, next year, rain or shine….”All for the Greater Good”!

lindyleegoldand.pngLindy Gold and Ilene Cooke.

IMG_1338.jpgRob Smuts, Grace Zimmer, Mike Morand (Chairman of the NHFPL Patrons), and Carl Zimmer.

derbytulips.jpgCharlotte and Veronica Zimmer.

IMG_1336.jpgMike Morand, Edward Harris, Dean, School of Communication, Information and Library Science, Southern Connecticut State University Vivian Shipley, Connecticut State University Distinguished Professor, Southern Connecticut State (recently inducted to the U of Kentucky Hall of Fame) and Claudia Merson.

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Posted by: Colleen Van Tassell | May 5, 2008 6:52 PM

The Camden Police Department responded today to the world headquarters of The Campbell Soup Company after an employee spotted a tall, academic-looking chap stealing letters from its soup department.

The witness called police after the man, who allegedly was swigging out of a bottle of Cold Duck, was muttering about "fancy pants."

No arrests have been made and the police say they are targeting Ivy League schools and daycare centers.

The fop is still at large.

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