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by Paul Bass | July 16, 2009 8:38 AM |

A Connecticut workers’ safety group Wednesday revised an appeal it made the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee distancing itself from New Haven firefighter Frank Ricci.

Ricci — named plaintiff in the recent landmark reverse discrimination case against New Haven — is scheduled to testify Thursday at the Judiciary Committee’s confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor . Sotomayor sat on an appeals panel that upheld New Haven’s decision to ignore the results of a firefighters promotional exam, before the Supreme Court overruled the decision.

Ricci had listed himself as “Director of Fire Safety at ConnectiCOSH” in a bio sent to the committee.The group (full name: Connecticut Council on Occupational Safety and Health) is a not-for-profit focused on workplace safety.

Ricci’s listing outraged the group, which wrote to the committee Tuesday to assert that Ricci in no way represents it. Ricci worked with the group in the past but has no elected or appointed position, the letter stated.

On Wednesday afternoon came a second letter, with a correction:

“It appears that 5-6 years ago ConnectiCOSH business cards with Mr. Ricci’s name were printed, however he was only authorized to represent ConnectiCOSH in fire safety related issues as a volunteer. He is not an officer or employee with ConnectiCOSH,” wrote ConnectiCOSH Co-Chair Steve Schrag.

The letter does still request: “Please remove ConnectiCOSH from any association with Mr. Frank Ricci in relation to his testimony before your committee regarding Judge Sonia Sodamayor as his views are his own and do not reflect our organization’s position regarding his lawsuit against the city of New Haven and subsequent legal decisions.”

Click here to read a CT Post story about a recent appearance Ricci made in Derby on behalf of the group.

The Judiciary Committee did remove the ConnectiCOSH affiliation from its official bio of Ricci in anticipation of his Thursday afternoon testimony.

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