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Who’s The Audience?

by Brian Slattery | May 22, 2018 11:15 am | Comments (2)

Brian Slattery PhotosThere’s a startling collage on the wall of Artspace on the corner of Orange and Crown. Cropped photos of Tawana Brawley, Anita Hill, and Monica Lewinsky. A photo that looks like a crime photo from a rape scene. All scattered throughout four grids amid a series of quotes, many as potent as the images. “Genovese syndrome,” reads one. “I believe the women,” reads another. “She used her menstrual blood as a way to inscribe her message and was not heard.”

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SIDS Fundraiser Graces Pacific Standard Tavern

by Karen Ponzio | May 21, 2018 8:56 am

Karen Ponzio Photos“I love everyone in this room, even if I don’t know you, because this is a room full of love,” Ben Mikula of the Alpaca Gnomes told the crowd right before the last song of the set he was playing with two other members of his band at Pacific Standard Tavern on Sunday afternoon. “I’m so glad to see people helping each other.”

Mikula was there along with a long roster of others to help raise money for the American SIDS Institute at the fifth annual Graceland benefit, held in loving memory of Grace Margaret Pimenta Fernandez, daughter of Hannah Pimenta, the founder and organizer of this event.

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Hnry Flwr And Shilpa Ray Embrace the Chaos

by Karen Ponzio | May 17, 2018 12:05 pm

Karen Ponzio PhotoRight before beginning his song “Sweet Embrace” at Cafe Nine on Wednesday night, Hnry Flwr explained that the song was about “embracing our mistakes, because we live in chaos.” The area had been experiencing the aftermath of a chaotic storm that brought tornados, macrobursts and much destruction to many of the surrounding towns, but in New Haven that night two acts from New York, Hnry Flwr and Shilpa Ray, brought a respite and a sort of controlled chaos in the form of music to those who came in from the rain and chose another way to get back on their feet.

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