8 Families Back Home After Monday Flooding

by Thomas Breen | Apr 18, 2018 3:38 pm | Comments (2)

Thomas Breen photoTwo days after a torrential rainstorm flooded eight families out of their Goffe Street apartments, all eight are back home, and five of the eight apartments have been completely cleaned, cleared of water, and dried, according to interviews with residents and the management company.

The other three affected units still have wet kitchens, which the management company said it is currently working to finish drying out.

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Little Kids Offer Big Help For Stetson Library Campaign

by Allan Appel | Apr 17, 2018 8:04 am

Allan Appel PhotoAll 40 of the preschoolers and their teachers from the Harris and Tucker School in Newhallville were dressed in their going-on-trip shirts.

The were waiting for the van to arrive to take them all to the Stetson Branch Library. They were going there not just to have a reading program, which they often do, but also to fulfill an important mission.

However, beneath the onslaught of torrential squalls the van refused to start.

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