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Archie Moore’s Wings It For The Super Bowl

by Allan Appel | Jan 30, 2015 4:34 pm | Comments (2)

Jose García orchestrated 300 individual chicken wings bubbling away in the seven-basket fryolator for 15 minutes. He gave each basket ten deft shakes a minute so the vegetable oil parboiled them evenly. Then out they went to the refrigerated truck in the parking lot to await saucing.

They joined what in the end will be — count ‘em — 25,000 individual wings, 360 pounds of cut celery, and 17 five-gallon buckets of Buffalo wing sauce, which will fill about 1,000 Super Bowl orders at Archie Moore’s between 11:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. on Sunday.

Asked if he could reveal what’s in the wing sauce, longtime manager Jim Wooley thought deeply and then replied, “No.”

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“Matilda” Arrives All Over Town

by Allan Appel | Jan 30, 2015 8:49 am | Comments (2)

Allan Appel Photo As the national touring company of the latest Broadway production of Matilda forms up for its debut at the Shubert Theatre this spring, the talented second-graders at the Worthington Hooker School on Canner Street made their own contribution, a Matilda spin-off production.

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Ode To Lulu’s

by Jack Hitt | Jan 28, 2015 4:02 pm | Comments (20)

Paul Bass Photo Back in the mid-1990s, not long after I had moved to New Haven from New York City, I was sitting at Lulu’s European Coffeehouse enjoying a mug of her high-test, low acid brew when the eponymous hero of the shop sat down and shoved a sheaf of crumpled papers at me. “This is my friend’s writing,” she said. “You simply must read it.”

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Coffee Consumed, Community Connected

by Aliyya Swaby | Jan 28, 2015 1:22 pm | Comments (2)

Aliyya Swaby Photo David Oricchio was nearly out of “carbs” by 2 p.m. Tuesday—no “pastries, bagels, bread”; just a container of Trader Joe’s plain yogurt, some Irish oatmeal, and three day-old scones.

Still the customers kept coming.

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The Little Plow That Could

by Paul Bass | Jan 27, 2015 4:38 pm | Comments (4)

Paul Bass Photos A crowd of onlookers gathered to watch the maiden voyage of the Snogo—one of New Haven’s new monster snow trucks—on Church Street Tuesday afternoon. Meanwhile, Dave Lawlor maneuvered an old-school eight-foot plow down Anderson Street more smoothly, and a day earlier, than he would have after storms in years past.

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It’s Snow-Sculpture Contest Week!

by Staff | Jan 27, 2015 11:07 am | Comments (1)

A massive snowfall means ... it’s time for another New Haven snow-sculpture contest.

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Love Comes To Town

by David Sepulveda | Jan 16, 2015 8:00 am | Comments (6)

DAVID SEPULVEDA PHOTOS The 45th annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Love March launched from Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church on Lawrence Street under fair skies, and chilly, but warming temperatures. If history is a guide, the march would have launched under stormy skies as well.

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Afghan Refugees: IRIS Misuses Resettlement $$

by Aliyya Swaby | Dec 29, 2014 12:40 pm | Comments (22)

Aliyya Swaby Photo Reza Noori risked his life working as a translator for the U.S. Army in Afghanistan. Now a refugee living in New Haven, he faces a different battle — one he said he fights with little help.

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State St. Bridge Debacle Nears $30M, & Counting

by Markeshia Ricks | Dec 15, 2014 3:27 pm | Comments (18)

Markeshia Ricks Photos Asked how long the State Street Bridge has been closed, Mezcal Restaurante Mexicano’s gregarious owner, Ricardo Trejo, rolled his eyes and sighed. “I’ve lost track of time,” he said.

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mActivity Sprints Into East Rock

by Aliyya Swaby | Dec 10, 2014 4:46 pm

Aliyya Swaby Photo East Rock neighbors will soon be able to do their jogging at mActivity, a newly approved high-end gymnasium on Nicoll Street.

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