A&I Honors Social Entrepreneur Majora Carter

by Brian Slattery | Jan 26, 2017 1:48 pm | Comments (6)

Judy Sirota Rosenthal Photos “Majora Carter’s in the house!” Nancy Yao Massbach shouted from the podium in the ballroom of the Omni Hotel. Massbach was one of the award chairs for the International Festival of Arts and Ideas’ Visionary Leadership Award, given in the previous six years to women at the vanguard of journalism, activism, and the arts.

This year’s award went to Carter, who is at the forefront of urban revitalization with her work as an activist and entrepreneur in Hunts Point, a neighborhood in the South Bronx.

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Today On WNHH Radio

by Lucy Gellman | Jan 6, 2017 11:16 am

Courtesy Lee van der Voo Friday’s programs on WNHH Radio take a dip in the Bering Sea to look at sustainable seafood, applaud parental advocacy, bring back the world’s best pundits, and take Talladega College to court for joining Donald J. Trump’s inauguration lineup.

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Dear Barack. Dear Donald ...

by Allan Appel | Jan 5, 2017 3:29 pm | Comments (3)

Allan Appel PhotoDear President Obama:
As you wind up your presidency, we, environmental activists in New Haven, extend thanks to you for eight years of envirormental stewardship. Thanks to your leadership, the government set aside tens of thousands of acres of national forest safeguarding it from logging and drilling. You strengthened the Environmental Protection Agency. The sea and the air are ...

A letter containing general sentiments like the above will be sent to President Obama in the coming days. It’s not the only missive to policy makers that’s in the works from New Haven’s official body of green advocates.

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