Designers Dream Up City’s Next Sidewalk “Parklets”

by Lucy Gellman | Sep 22, 2017 7:25 am | Comments (14)

Lucy Gellman Photo You’re walking past El Tapatio on Grand Avenue and need a place to rest your feet. Outside. The options are slim: sitting on the sidewalk, or trying to snag one of the limited spaces by nearby Christopher Columbus Family Academy.

Just as you’re ready to give up, you spot a new, pint-sized urban oasis: tables and chairs, tree-like sculptures, long wispy grasses and a dainty fence around the outside. All small enough to fit inside two parking spaces.

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CT Folk Festival Finds Protest In Folk Roots

by Brian Slattery | Sep 8, 2017 6:42 am

Charles Rothenberger is an environmental attorney and lobbyist who’s also a board member for CT Folk, which is holding its annual CT Folk Fest and Green Expo this Saturday in Edgerton Park.

On Tuesday’s episode of WNHH radio’s “Northern Remedy,” he was asked: Which came first, the music or the environmental activism?

“The music, obviously,” Rothenberger said. “That comes in the womb.”

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