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Why I’m Fasting

by Aaron Greenberg | Apr 28, 2017 7:09 am | Comments (25)

Eight members of UNITE HERE Local 33, the new union representing some graduate student teachers at Yale, announced Tuesday that they have launched a hunger strike to try to convince the university to negotiate a first contract. One of the eight, union Chair Aaron Greenberg (who’s also a Wooster Square alder), offers his reasons in the following article. Click here and here for background on both sides of the dispute.

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What Happened When Women Got Through The Door

by Allan Appel | Mar 15, 2017 12:50 pm | Comments (4)

Sterling Library On a bracing March day about 40 years ago, the members of the women’s Yale crew team got tired of waiting, shivering after practice, for the boys to finish their showers. So they stripped naked in the gymnasium and wrote “Title IX” on their bodies to make a point.

New and slow to co-education, and even slower at providing facilities and equipment for its women athletes, Yale University in 1976 was on the receiving end of that demonstration, underlining the need for women’s showers and facilities equal to those of men.

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