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Northland: Disaster Not Our Fault

by Christopher Peak | Jul 27, 2018 8:08 am | Comments (12)

Paul Bass PhotoIf Church Street South was such a mess, why didn’t the tenants tell the landlord? Or government inspectors?

Lawyers for Northland Investment Corporation, the Massachusetts-based owner of the former 301-unit federally subsidized housing complex across from Union Station, raise that argument in a new 700-page brief, as they try to dissuade a judge from grouping former tenants together to press their case that the company is responsible for endangering their health and their lives.

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Lead $ Search Advances

by Thomas Breen | Jul 19, 2018 3:22 pm

Thomas BreenThe City Plan Commission voted to recommend that the city follow through on an application for $4.1 million in federal lead abatement funding, while the chair also cautioned that the city should seek out new sources of funding to confront the citywide problem of childhood lead poisoning.

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