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Afro-Semitic Experience Sings An Affair To Remember

by Brian Slattery | Aug 13, 2018 12:19 pm

Brian Slattery PhotoA political scandal shot through with prejudice and identity politics drives a society into two polarized camps. People have to pick sides, and when they do, friendships are shattered. Sound familiar?

It could be pulled from our headlines. But it also describes what happened over 100 years ago in France during the Dreyfus affair — the subject of “Letters from the Affair,” a project conceived by musician David Chevan and composed by him and the rest of the Afro-Semitic Experience. The group will perform “Letters” for the first time at Best Video Film and Cultural Center on Aug. 16.

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3 Sheets Dials It Down For A Night With 3 Singer-Songwriters

by Karen Ponzio | Aug 10, 2018 12:10 pm

Karen Ponzio Photo“All of our songs are about friends,” announced vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter Emily Rose of Glambat as her band began a set at Three Sheets — appropriate considering that each of the three acts playing Thursday night had a friendly connection to someone else involved in the show.

Singer-songwriter Alex Burnet of Laundry Day and The Proud Flesh booked the show with three friends of his as performers: singer-songwriter Patrick Dalton, his bandmate in The Proud Flesh; Footings, the project of Eric Gagne, a friend “from his New Hampshire days”; and Glambat, currently recording an album with Dalton.

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Bilge Rat Makes Anxiety Organic

by Brian Slattery | Aug 7, 2018 7:46 am

On “Dissolvi,” the final cut on Bilge Rat’s Pal, the band’s three members — Mike Kusek on guitar and vocals, Quinn Pirie on drums, and Michael Hammond on bass — come in together, Pirie’s rhythm leaving plenty of space for a plaintive guitar line. Then, a bar later and without warning, the band switches to a full-on roar that’s gone as soon as it starts, and comes back again. Over the course of the song, Kusek’s own vocals do the same, going from a whisper to a yowl in one line and back again.


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