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Welcome To WNHH!

by Staff | Jan 3, 2016 2:23 pm

Welcome to New Haven’s grassroots not-for-profit community radio station!

WNHH broadcasts original New Haven news and arts programs with dozens of local hosts. There are a number of ways to tune in:

Here On The Internet

You can listen 24 hours a day, seven days a week on your computer or on your phone, through our webstream.

Click here to listen and preserve the link on your computer or phone.

The “Listen Now” button appears on the top left-hand column of our home page.

On The Radio, At 103.5 FM

Getty ImagesWe broadcast at 103.5 FM on weekdays from 4 a.m. through 3:59 p.m. Another organization has the license for the evenings, but doesn’t plan to be on the air until some time later in 2016. We also broadcast during assorted hours on the weekends. A note: we have a low-power FM license. That means you can pick up the station through most of New Haven (except the southern tip and sometimes downtown) and Hamden and much of East Haven, North Haven, Woodbridge, and West Haven.

Via Podcast

You can download any show to your phone or computer to listen whenever you want to. Search for us in the iTunes store or any podcast app under “WNHH Community Radio.”

Via Soundcloud

Our shows are archived as MP3 files here.

Via Stories In The Independent

Many of our shows feed articles in the Independent, which include the full audio file. Look for your favorite shows below this article or under the “WNHH Radio” menu in the top left-hand corner of every page of this website.

Thanks for listening! And for visiting us on Facebook, here.

Head With Wings Takes To The Sky

by Brian Slattery | May 10, 2018 8:16 am

“Goodbye Sky,” from the New Haven-based Head with Wings’s latest album, From Worry to Shame, starts with the dynamic that drives the song: Joshua Corum’s and Brandon Cousino’s guitars weaving their lines together. Andrew Testa’s drums come in, spacious and crackling, Joe Elliott’s bass rumbling underneath. And then the vocals, direct and honest, electric with emotion.

“Find me underneath,” Corum sings. “Her body lies still. / The findings are impure as hell. / Goodbye sky. / You’re so far from here. / When lights go out, / you’re darkening all that I fear.”

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