Long Wharf

2 Arepas, 2 Black Pugs, & 1 Pulled Pork Sandwich Later ...

by Brian Slattery | Jun 6, 2016 1:51 pm | Comments (1)

Brian Slattery photo Last year I went to New Haven’s inaugural food truck festival with my son, Leo, and we proceeded to eat about as much as we could. This year we returned with my sister, Jill, visiting from New York City, to find not just another big crowd walking the length of Long Wharf Drive to sample everything from pulled pork to arepas to Italian pastries, but a first-ever New Haven “dragon boat” regatta in full swing.

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“Lewiston” Asks The Big Questions

by Brian Slattery | Apr 14, 2016 7:15 am

T. Charles Erickson Photo We’re on a patch of sand next to a local highway outside of Lewiston, Idaho. There’s a wonderfully gaudy, yet nearly defunct fireworks stand to the left of us. It’s right before the Fourth of July, but there isn’t a customer in sight.

Nearby, Alice and Connor, two people old enough to be grandparents, are testing some of their supply. It gives off a few sparks, just sputters and fizzles out.

“It makes me want to move to Canada,” Alice says.

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