Mayor Monday

Harp: Step Up, APT; Build More SROs

by Paul Bass | Oct 31, 2017 6:42 am | Comments (8)

Christopher Peak PhotoSome of Mayor Toni Harp’s latest takes, offered Monday on her weekly WNHH radio show:

The APT Foundation should hire security guards to keep not just the people on their property of their methadone clinic, but clients waiting across the street, from committing crimes.

• New Haven should look at creating more single-room occupancy apartments to house the most difficult homeless population to help right now: single adults.

• It might look like New Haven’s getting roughly the same amount of aid as last year in the new budget passed by state legislators. But legislators legislators are pulling a fast one with sneaky math to make it look that way — by suddenly adding bonding reimbursements for road repairs previously calculated separately. The city could in fact be losing $3 million or more.

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Press Re-Set?

by Paul Bass | Oct 23, 2017 2:35 pm | Comments (9)

Ricks, Bass Photos

In a test of whether labor relations might change at City Hall, Mayor Toni Harp and the newly elected president of city government’s management and professional union promised Monday to take a fresh look at a dispute on which both sides have deadlocked for years.

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Harp, Ganim Team Up

by Paul Bass | Oct 3, 2017 11:27 am | Comments (8)

Jon Greenberg PhotoThey joined forces on a casino and on a youth summer hoops tournament. They’re joining forces on wooing Amazon. Even their hometown daily newspapers and community colleges have joined forces.

The mayors of New Haven and Bridgeport — until now two parallel urban universes 21 miles apart — have decided it makes sense to do business together in order for both of Connecticut’s two largest cities to grow. And they’re making it a habit.

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