Ninth Square

When Alexis Met Tony

by Erica Pandey | Dec 7, 2016 12:06 pm | Comments (7)

“It would have been nice to see you come in your regular clothes, bring a pizza or something,” Alexis Ward told the assistant chief of police. “So we could have a regular conversation.”

In the end, though, that’s exactly what they had.

And that was the point.

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Sammus & Co. Unify Cafe Nine

by Brian Slattery | Nov 21, 2016 2:58 am

Brian Slattery Photo Indie hip hop artist Sammus had a cannon for an arm. Earlier in her set, she’d mentioned that she realized she was dressed like video game character Firepower Mario. But the real firepower came from her words, her mind, from the minute she took the stage at Cafe Nine on Saturday night. In the wake of a divisive presidential campaign that created a divisive president-elect, she was the headliner of a night that brought people together.

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Debate Grows Over Cop-Pig Art Decision

by Thomas Breen | Oct 21, 2016 11:12 am | Comments (22)

Thomas Breen Photo Paul Bass PhotoAfter bothering at least one correctional worker and one police officer, Gordon Skinner’s depiction of a pig cop provoked a different kind of complaint at a Ninth Square gathering Thursday night:  Why was the work moved from its original perch?

That led to a broader set of questions: Whose voices matter, how much, and why?

Those questions were raised at Artspace’s Orange Street gallery Thursday night as close to 50 artists, students, activists and community members gathered to discuss the social value of controversial public art, and how both an institution and a city should respond to calls for that art to be altered or taken down.

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