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Filmmaker Shoots To Raise NMS’s Profile

by David Sepulveda | Nov 28, 2014 11:54 am

DAVID SEPULVEDA PHOTO Many have heard of it, but ask someone for directions just around the corner from the Neighborhood Music School, located at 100 Audubon St., and very few will be able to tell you how to get there, according to drama department founder and instructor Stephen Dest.

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The Shubert’s Turning 100

by Amanda May Aruani | Nov 28, 2014 11:52 am

Shubert Archives The same year the Shubert Theater opened, the Panama Canal was inaugurated, Babe Ruth debuted with the Boston Red Sox, Charlie Chaplin made his first appearance on film, and Harry Houdini performed stunts in New York City.

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A Different Kind Of Pussycat Doll

by Lucy Gellman | Nov 26, 2014 11:57 am

Bathed in flashing pink and green light was a pint-sized, shop-window ready Miss Pussycat—literally. Her head was on a mini mannequin popping out from behind a curtain. She appeared to cheers and loud, ringing claps from the audience. Someone waved a metallic baton. The warmup act, The Simple Pleasure, hopped up and down wildly in their gym shorts and tank tops, spraying sweat as they pumped their fists in anticipation. The DJ If Jesus Had Machine Guns perfected his single dance move of the night. 

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Einstein Meets Picasso

by Allan Appel | Nov 25, 2014 12:21 pm

He’s conquered the space-time continuum! He’s aged not a bit! He’s as cute and disheveled as ever. He’s back and waiting for the world to recognize his genius, giving us the skinny on how energy equals mass times the speed of light. Squared.

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Swordplay Breaks Out At Co-Op High

by Allan Appel | Nov 20, 2014 1:55 pm

Allan Appel Photo “Put your point down and then bring it straight up,” Jim Andreassi said. “He’s a beautiful man. I don’t want to lose any of that.”

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Story Time Grows Up

by Lucy Gellman | Nov 19, 2014 4:41 pm

Christian Shaboo had ventured deep into the territory of “The Laughing Man.” Already he had relayed to the audience the man’s repeated triumphs against the nefarious Marcel Dufarge and his evil daughter; his cunning ways with the Paris sewer system; his facility in talking to animals. With one free hand, the actor wove The Laughing Man’s mask through the air, a layering of red poppy petals, waxy and pungent, appearing before the rapt audience as his fingers flitted to and fro.

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Psychic Pulls Back the Veil

by Brian Slattery | Nov 18, 2014 4:18 pm | Comments (2)

“You’d never imagine that in this day and age, people would believe in psychics. But it’s big. They’re filling arenas.” So Mark Edward said to a packed house at the Institute Library for the latest “Amateur Hour,” where Edward worked his powers as a medium, then showed how most of it is a crock—and then, somehow, worked his powers again.

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Seafarer Comes Up Aces

by Donald Brown | Nov 18, 2014 12:49 pm

New Haven Theater Company The idea behind the phrase “the blind leading the blind” is that without true faith a person is blind and anyone he leads or teaches will be led astray. Both will fall into the ditch. The phrase is apt for Conor McPherson’s The Seafarer, which finishes its run at the New Haven Theater Company this weekend.

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The Devil Plays On Chapel Street

by Allan Appel | Nov 12, 2014 3:09 pm

Allan Appel Photo Not exactly looking forward to seeing certain relatives this holiday season? Irritated by that uncle who’s so certain about politics and love that when he hits the whiskey your ear is ringing with his 90-proof wisdom?

I have just the right pre-Christmas vaccine for you.

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Motown And Profiling To “Play” At Erector Square

by Allan Appel | Nov 11, 2014 3:41 pm

Allan Appel Photo Does Marvin Gaye’s voice sound more velvety on a 45 RPM or on that new-fangled eight-track machine?

That’s one of the central questions in a play set four decades ago in a struggling but deeply loyal black family during the racial rioting—and profiling—of the 1960s. Unfortunately, it’s anything but dated.

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