Wooster Square

Wooster Square Remembers “Officer Pete”

by Spencer Bokat-Lindell | Sep 25, 2016 10:44 am

Spencer Bokat-Lindell Photo Paul Bass File PhotoOne night in 2004, Officer Peter Krause was on duty when he noticed an inebriated young man stumbling through Wooster Square. Instead of arresting the man, Krause — or “Officer Pete” to the neighbors — sat him down on a nearby bench to chat about his night.

When an ambulance arrived, Krause escorted him to the hospital, where the young man was detoxed, and told him that he was free to talk anytime.

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Greatest Hits Tour Wows Gov’t Techies

by Paul Bass | Sep 14, 2016 5:38 pm | Comments (3)

Paul Bass Photos Ross Whitsett walked by a crowd of visitors from across the country as he navigated Olive Street on his way downtown for a sandwich. He noticed a man with a suit telling the visitors about traffic-calming.

“There are no crosswalks anywhere around [Wooster] Square!” Whitsett called out to the suited man.

The suited man explained that the state had just paved the neighborhood’s main roads, that restriping will follow soon.

“When’s it going to be painted?” Whitsett pressed.

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