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6 Arrested Over Busy Weekend

by Staff | Jun 9, 2014 11:07 am

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Posted to: Edgewood

Officers tracked down, Tased and arrested a suspect in a shooting, and a man hit over the head with a baseball bat is in a medically induced coma, after a hectic weekend on New Haven’s streets.

Here’s what happened in three of the cases, according to Lt. Al Vazquez:

Somebody shot a victim in the inner thigh during a robbery on Winthrop Avenue at 11:17 p.m. Friday. Police developed a 22 year-old man as a suspect. Officers Christopher Cacela and Steve McMorris found him nearby at Maple Street and Ellsworth Avenue two nights later, on Sunday, shortly before midnight. They approached him and told him to put his hands in the air. Instead, he reached for his waist. One of the officers then used a Taser to subdue him, and he was arrested. The suspect is a convicted felon on probation; he had a loaded .22 caliber Ruger revolver on him. Vazquez praised the officers’ “restraint” in carrying out “a very good arrest.”

Also on Sunday a teenager on a bike shot another teen on a bike around 7:30 p.m. on Winthrop Avenue near Elm and Maple. Police subsequently found a suspect on a mountain bike and detained him; it was unclear Monday morning if he would be charged in connection with the shooting.

Police were busiest over the weekend with a case that occurred around 1 a.m. Saturday on Kimberly Avenue. At least six men got into a fight at a party. One man left to retrieve a bat, then hit one of the combatants with it over the head. The victim, who is 37 years old, is in “critical but stable” condition in a medically induced coma. Police arrested four people involved in the fight.

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