A (Bottled) River Runs Through It

From dry granite slabs in the Beinecke Plaza, a river sprang forth Monday.

Call it an Earth Day miracle. Or call it “Quinnipiac River Bottled,” an interactive art piece by artist Fritz Horstman.

On Monday, Horstman coordinated the creation of a model of the Quinnipiac River, made of plastic bottles filled with water by passersby. Click the video to hear Horstman’s explanation of the piece.

The one-day installation marked Earth Day, the environmental holiday, and was part of Yale’s “Celebrate Sustainability” week. The piece was designed to draw attention to the environmental cost of bottled water and the Quinnipiac River’s role—or lack thereof—in our lives. It was supported by the Regional Water Authority, the Garden Club of New Haven, and the Yale Peabody Museum.

Volunteers from the Peabody’s after school program helped out with the installation, then dismantled the sculpture Monday evening. The water was poured out in “vegetated areas” and the bottles were recycled.

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posted by: Claudia Herrera on April 24, 2013  8:01am

It would be very nice if Fritz Horstman can set up this kind of activities as a of projects for kids all around New Haven to get involve and do in summer camps.
Make our kids in early ages aware of the value of our rivers and teach them problems and solutions constantly as game maybe can be the real solution in the future.
Thank you Fritz clear and simple activities are   understand better for kids to value la message.

posted by: parejkoj on April 24, 2013  9:28am

Thanks to the NHI for reporting on this: I was interested in seeing it, but wasn’t able to make it out.