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All Quiet In Hill North

by Staff | Jan 2, 2014 3:29 pm

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Posted to: The Hill

Paul Bass Photo One person got shot. All year.

That was the year-end report from the Hill North policing district.

Lt. Holly Wasilewski (pictured), top cop in that neighborhood (the Hill’s eastern half), made the report Thursday. The district, home over the years to some of New Haven’s most active gang-bangers, has been relatively quiet under Wasilewski’s team’s oversight. It had a total of one reported shooting in 2013, compared to 7 the year before. Also, the district had no murders.

In addition to citing the hard work of her beat officers, Wasilewski credited the joint federal-state-local law-enforcement takedown of the Grape Street Crips gang with helping clear the way long-term for her cops to keep the district safe. The federal grand jury indicted 18 alleged members of the gang in 2012.

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posted by: Hill South on January 2, 2014  3:35pm

Lt. Holly is BOSS!!!! She’s well appreciated in Hill South also. Our new District Manager, Lt. Reyes is expected to great things to keep Hill South quiet and safe too!!!!  Keep up the great work.

posted by: robn on January 2, 2014  4:36pm

Did the GSC get their name from their colors or was their formerly a Grape Street in the Hill?

posted by: JustAnotherTaxPayer on January 2, 2014  5:42pm

Amazing work; amazing leadership. As Holly knows it does not get done without having cops working for you who go out 23/7 and stay on top of what is going on. The stat is amazing, and unprecedented in the Hill since before 1980! Thank You to Holly; Thank You to her cops, thank you to the people who live in the hill to make the decision to stop the violence. Amazing!

posted by: BenBerkowitz on January 3, 2014  6:56am

@RobN Its a section of the Crips named after a street in Watts. 

Yay for the Lieutenant and the entire neighborhood for turning things around.

Interested if there are other contributing social factors as well. Trends in other civic data @Mark Abraham?

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