April Break’s Safe. As For Late June ...

With the help of some snow-day math, Board of Ed officials have come up with a schedule to make up for all that lost school this winter—without ruining families’ April vacation plans.

New Haven has lost 11 school days (so far) due to storm cancellations this year. The school district had planned for only two.

It took care of four more by canceling most of February vacation. That didn’t go over great with everybody.

So in considering how to make up the last five days, officials consulted with the teachers union, the administrators union, and the Citywide Parent
Leadership Team.

They decided to leave April vacation intact.

They decided to turn two half days—April 12 and June 19—into full days. Combined, that saves one day, not two. That’s because the extra half falls short of four hours, explained Board of Ed spokeswoman Abbe Smith. A school has to stay open for at least four hours to have it count as a full day, she said.

To get the last four days, the Board of Ed is extending the school year by adding half days on June 20, 21, 24, and 25. Each of those half days will count as full days. They’ll last four hours.

“I thank parents, teachers and staff for stepping up to the plate during February break and ensuring our students had strong, academically focused school days after missing school six days in a row. Let us continue working together toward a strong finish for this school year,” Superintendent Reggie Mayo stated in a Board of Ed press release.

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posted by: Curious on March 20, 2013  3:10pm

So in the heart of New Englad, this happens.

“The school district had planned for only two (snow days).”

Somehow the superintendent ultimately responsible is retiring with a $170,000 a year pension.

Nice work if you can get it!

posted by: Tom Burns on March 20, 2013  9:38pm

Another great decision by Dr. Mayo—I know how valuable you are and have been to our school children and our educational system—we won’t know how much we lost until we lose you—so sorry to see you go—but you deserve the rest and the accolades you will surely get—-huge shoes to fill—-your legacy is written and I am glad that I had the opportunity to work under your leadership—Tom

posted by: Ali on March 20, 2013  10:02pm

“continue working together toward a strong finish for this school year,”

With 4, yes 4 half days at the end of the year?  Is that a joke?

Now that CMTs are over, it looks like the concerns about missing valuable educational time have evaporated.

Half days are useless as far as instruction goes, and they are an annoyance for parents who have to deal with missing yet more work.

posted by: mike25 on March 21, 2013  12:02am

We need moreeeee snow.