Dem Primary Battle Is On

Paul Bass PhotoCandidates vying to be the city’s next mayor and probate court judge successfully petitioned their way onto the upcoming Sept. 12 Democratic Party primary ballot.

Marcus Paca is challenging incumbent Toni Harp to be the city’s next mayor, while attorney Americo Carchia is taking on Clifton Graves, Jr. to finish the term of retiring Probate Judge Jack Keyes. Both Harp and Graves received the endorsement of the Democratic Town Committee, leaving Paca and Carchia to petition their way onto the Democratic primary ballot.

Both men submitted petitions with thousands of signatures last week in hopes of making the ballot. On Tuesday, just before 5 p.m., Democratic Registrar Shannel Evans brought the petition pages to City Clerk Michael Smart for certification after a few days of combing through the thousands of signatures collected by the candidates.

Paca submitted some 3,200 signatures, but only 1,910 were deemed valid, according to the certification notice signed by City Clerk Smart. Three of Paca’s 212 pages of signatures were rejected, but he more than met the threshold of 1,852 signatures needed to make the primary.

So did Carchia, who submitted more than 2,000 signatures. Of his signatures collected, 1,982 were found to be valid. Only one of the 158 pages of signatures that he submitted were rejected.

Mayoral candidate Paca also is certified to have his name appear on the Nov. 7 general ballot, while Carchia is not.

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posted by: cedarhillresident! on August 17, 2017  7:53am

Wow Paca was smart to get all the extras. Now if I remember correctly you have to be a registered Democrat for your sig to count. So this does not mean the people that signed we not registered voters…just not Dems. I will say good job it is not easy getting all those sigs in such a short time, it take some major pavement pounding. So these to earn their place on the ticket. I am hoping for a debate or two. I do know Paca knows this city and its issues so it should be an interesting debate.
Congrats to both.

posted by: Gary Stewart on August 17, 2017  10:39am

this is a great day for New Haven residents ! they will have a change to vote for a man with the smarts and integrity to get us out of the mire of financial mismanagement/ corruption that would-be empress Harp has gotten us into. despite the best efforts of the “machine” , i.e. the Democratic Town Committee/ Board of Alders/ Mayor’s office/ Yale unions, we will have a choice . rather than support democracy, the mayor wants to question the legitimacy of the signatures. What else have we come to expect from her? Vote Paca, for real democracy and honest government!

posted by: Brian L. Jenkins on August 17, 2017  1:48pm

This is a big day for the voters in NH.  Team Paca should be congratulated for the toughest aspect of campaigning thus far.  But now the real test is at his door step.  It’s called GOTV.

If Marcus sticks to the script and stay disciplined like he’s capable of, he should be victorious. 

What Mr. Paca has going for him in this campaign, is his opponent has absolutely nothing to run on.  She will spew a bevy of inaccurate platitudes to give the impression that her administration has been effective.  But if you just so happen to peel the onion back (research) on her fictitious success stories, you’ll discover that there’s really nothing there.

I’m happy for the Paca team in this race for mayor.  The voters will hear an extremely impressive young man elocute why he should be the next mayor of the City of NH.  Conversely, the Harp administration will begin to dispatch her wolves to try and paint a picture of Mr. Paca as being incompetent and incapable of being mayor.  But she once hired him.

To the voters of NH, this young man is more than capable of doing what she has done, it’s called little.  However, I’ve met with Marcus and had numerous conversations with him; not to mention a quasi debate I subsequently witnessed between he and Mayor Harp in East Shore.  A forum in which Marcus appeared more cognizant of city functionality than that of Mayor Harp.

Marcus acquiring the requisite number of official signatures denotes that he will give the voters an opportunity to infiltrate the very system that tried to hand deliver the office back to Toni with no contention.

Go team Paca!!