Beaver Hills Trio Runs As A Team

When people in Beaver Hills look for calmer streets or a cleaner park, they have a team of alders speaking up for them downtown.

Or, as some put it on Sunday, a “family.”

That was the message at a campaign event that took place Sunday afternoon by the playground at Beecher School. There, three Democratic alders — Jill Marks, Biran Wingate, and Richard Furlow — held a joint reelection campaign announcement. The three candidates, none of whom yet has an opponent, are raising money and campaigning for new terms under the auspices of a political action committee called Democrats in Action.

Joint announcements have become a trend this campaign season. Four candidates in the Hill held a joint announcement. Then came three candidates in the West River-Dwight-Edgewood area. Now Beaver Hills.

The idea is to promote the idea that alders from contiguous wards represent voters with common interests and can advance those neighborhoods’ interests better as a united front.

“It’s better to do this as a team,” Board of Alders President Tyisha Walker, who attended Sunday’s event, observed. She and her neighboring alders, Frank Douglass and Evette Hamilton, started the trend two campaign cycles ago. Walker said that it helps the full board deal with a neighborhood’s concerns when the local alders “figure out amongst themselves” what they want and speak with a single voice.

In Beaver Hills, the three alders noted, as in other neighborhoods, sometimes alders represent different sides of the same street. With redistricting, a constituent of one alder becomes the constituent of another in the next election.

And they share common concerns. In the past two years, Ward 29’s Wingate proposed legislation and held a hearing to tackle vicious dogs after he witnessed the fatal mauling of a neighbor across the street. Ward 28’s Marks organized a new “friends” group to clean and keep clean Goffe Street Park. Ward 27’s Furlow (whose Dadaist-style gerrymandered district also includes slices of Westville, West Hills, Beverly Hills, and Amity) pushed for hearings on ideas to slow traffic to try to keep kids safer when they get on school buses and seniors safer when they cross the street. The three Beaver Hills alders have supported each others’ efforts.

At Sunday’s event, the alders also spoke of working together to create more employment opportunities for the neighborhood.

“Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. Jobs,” Wingate declared, in summing up his top priority. He said he’d like to see industrial employers open new plants in Beaver Hills.

The alders also collaborated on a well-attended public neighborhood meeting held last week with the mayor and police chief to air quality-of-life concerns.

“Like any family, we have disagreements. But we do a lot of good work together,” Tyisha Walker remarked to the dozens of supporters present at the event.

The event ended on a family note, with Jill Marks inviting daughters and nieces up to join the candidates in a rousing final gospel number. Click on the video at the top of the story to watch them sing.

Click on or download the above audio file to listen to an interview on WNHH radio’s “Dateline New Haven” with Dixwell’s Jeanette Morrison and three of the Hill alder candidates about their tenures and their reelection campaigns.

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posted by: AverageTaxpayer on July 17, 2017  8:44am

Message received. “These seats are Union seats, they belong to us, and if you dare to run you’ll be taking on much more than just one alder…”

So far how many contested elections? The upstart Ofuso in Ward 19 who is running for an “open” seat against Kim Edwards, (the incumbent’s daughter), and then Abby Roth wanting her seat back in Ward 7 against Alberta Witherspoon. Am I missing any?

[Paul: Ward 1 has a general election contest And so Ward 21 and 11 have potential primaries. We will cover.]

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on July 17, 2017  8:49am

Beaver Hills Trio Runs As A Team.

You mean Beaver Hills Trio Runs for the Machine.Give me a break.They are.just politicians.who are fearful of losing power for their party.These Career politicians have built powerful political machines able to overpower most opposition. After all, blocks of votes are regularly purchased for the price of political favors and backroom deals.You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but career politicians have a plethora of tricks, and they sure aren’t scared to use them They’ll use whatever they can pull from their filthy little bags just to stay in office like pulling out so-called leaders who have sold their political souls and prostituted themselves for power and the accompanying wealth that great power affords. Career politicians are disconnected from reality and from their constituents. These politicians are only concerned with securing their seats.In the process of cowardly saving their seats, career politicians lose interest in the people who got them into in the first place. They lose sight of the fact that many people are living paycheck-to-paycheck and struggling to make ends meet because of failed policies their very representatives failed to stop. Yet, they end up back in office because they know that the lost shepp will vote them back in office. We’ll have some new faces, but the power brokers who are really in charge will immediately begin trying to corrupt those new to office.We must vote out all Career Politicians Now!!!!

One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived.
Niccolo Machiavelli

posted by: southwest on July 17, 2017  10:21am

Now I want these Alders to come up with a solution regarding black on black crimes..a 14 teen year old was killed last night on Basset I want the politicians to prostest like they would if a white person shot him or if a police shot him..just saying that it’s become so acceptable when blacks kill one another people pray,sing and put their name on a headstone until the next youth become a homicide victim and added to the death of a roll call..I want to see the same passion when we got three to five churches in a 10 miles radius on each corner….Prayer/ actions / solutions can overcome this violence with our black youth hating each other enough to kill one another.. Just praying to grandstand is not going to solve the problems when God can see within each one what their true intent is…just saying..

posted by: Brian L. Jenkins on July 17, 2017  11:17am

I don’t quarrel at all with people running for public office.  In fact, I encourage it.  As do I encourage people to challenge every incumbent.  To do so holds elected officials more accountable to the voters and to their promises. 

Alders that wish to be reelected, should in my view provide voters a list of accomplishments.  E.g.,  what’s your tax reduction plan?  This shouldn’t be received by any alder as an indictment on them (because many of them are doing a fantastic job), but it should be a requirement across the board.

Platitudes such as jobs, jobs, jobs mean absolutely nothing if there isn’t a plan, plan, plan.  And thus far, I am yet to read anything resembling a plan emanating from the caucus that can even employ a dog catcher.

There’s a prevailing attitude by some that the board is so strong and their GOTV efforts engineered by the union bosses is impenetrable.  My response to that is, bull crap.  The problem we’re experiencing is lack of interest. 

I would personally assist any new start who has a genuine and independent interest in being an alder.  And we will win.  That’s my contribution to making NH a better place.  Of course it’s contingent upon my views of the person currently occupying the position.

posted by: brownetowne on July 17, 2017  2:23pm

Does Wingate’s comment about industrial jobs make any sense to anybody familiar with the geography of Ward 29?

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on July 17, 2017  3:15pm

posted by: southwest on July 17, 2017 10:21am

Now I want these Alders to come up with a solution regarding black on black crimes.

Give me a break.Black on Black crime is a label placed on for menticidal purposes. The majority of crimes committed, and this includes white folk, are committed against those that look like themselves. Please don’t allow the media to trick you into thinking white folk don’t kill other white folk, Asian folk don’t kill other Asians, etc.Let a mob boss get sick of his uncle runnin shxxt. Some disgruntled young white boy will go into a school in his own neighborhood and wipe out half the population, The Russian Mafia referred to as Bratva (brothers and/or brotherhood), In Brooklyn New York do each other in Brighton Beach. It ain’t just us Black folks.We’re the only ones the media focuses on.

My bad I forgot about this.
The Gang Murders in the Suburbs
Four young Latino men went to hang out in the
woods on Long Island one night during spring break.
They ended up victims of the brutal gang MS-13.

posted by: Esbey on July 17, 2017  4:38pm


You are right, the comment about industrial jobs in Beaver Hill makes no sense at all. Industrial jobs no longer locate in central cities, period. Technology and transportation have changed since the 19th and mid-20th centuries and manufacturing jobs are creating outside of cities (if not overseas.) This comment demonstrates a complete lack of seriousness.  “I want jobs, jobs, jobs but have no idea how to get them.”

I would love to hear some serious ideas about how to get the jobs offered by the kind of employers that might come to New Haven. These would be biotech, service, health, maybe financial, some retail.