Board Of Ed Cuts Daycare Program

The city expects to save $500,000 by shutting down a Board of Ed-run daycare center and sending the kids to private programs.

The Board of Education announced the decision Thursday to end its New Haven Daycare program on June 30.

That means that it will find places in private daycare programs for 16 of 32 infants and toddlers currently at the Educational Childhood Learning Center on Blake Street. The other 16 were leaving the center to enter pre-K programs.

The closure also means the city will find 29 private spots for pre-k students currently at another location, Immanuel Baptist Church, that was part of the New Haven Daycare Program.

Officials told the program’s staffers and parents about the change on Wednesday.

The Board of Ed issued this statement about the decision:

“The decision to transition to community-based early childhood care providers has both financial and educational reasons. Financially, the program requires a high number of staff for a relatively small number of students and was not sustainable in the short or long term. While the change will create almost a half million dollars of annual savings for the district, the goal is also to transition care of infants and toddlers to longtime community partners that specialize in providing that kind of care, so that the district can focus on pre-k and kindergarten. However, the district remains committed to supporting partners and the city in expanding the availability and quality of services students receive before their arrival to pre-K.”

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