Box 63 Liquor License Suspended

Fourth of July celebrations at Box 63 will be alcohol-free affairs, thanks to a suspension of the Elm Street restaurant’s liquor license.

The state Liquor Control Commission announced Friday that Box 63 has paid a $1,000 fine and will have its liquor license suspended for July 3 and 4.

The penalties are being imposed for several liquor control violations, including sale to a minor and having a minor in a barroom.

John Suchy, director of the Liquor Control Division of the Department of Consumer Protection, said the suspension stems from a nighttime enforcement inspection by liquor control agents and New Haven police back on Oct. 13, 2011. The inspectors found two minors had been served by bartenders, that the restaurant’s liquor license was not properly recorded with the city town clerk, and that one customer had been served two drinks at one time.

The full penalty for those violations was a four-day suspension and a $1,500 dollar fine, Suchy said. But the two days and $500 is being “held in abeyance” for six months, he said. “If they don’t violate any rules or regulations in the next six months, they don’t have to pay the additional two days and $500.”

Box 63 management did not return a call for comment by press time.

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posted by: Ashley on June 22, 2012  4:16pm

Those violations don’t surprise me.  Their staff seems disorganized and poorly trained.  Last time we ate there, there was no host to seat us so we just wandered out to the patio where the waitstaff sort of forgot we were there, except once in a while the owner or manager would point us out and then two or three different staff would rush to us to see if we needed anything.  Hopefully somebody from there will see this because they need some help streamlining the operation.

posted by: PH on June 22, 2012  5:08pm

Being served two drinks at one time is a violation?  That is the dumbest thing I have heard this week.  Almost as dumb as not letting adults who can kill in war and vote for President drink a beer!  Surely there are better laws to enforce…

posted by: smackfu on June 25, 2012  12:16pm

Here’s the regulation on that:

“(1) sell, offer, or deliver more than one drink to any one person for his/her own consumption at any one time. A second serving may be allowed only after the first serving has been substantially disposed of or consumed;”

It’s in the “restrictions on drink promotions” section which is meant to make it harder for people to get overly wasted during happy hour.  The other parts are pitchers need to be shared and no open bar specials.  Practically, you do see this complied with at a place like Black Bear where they have 2-for-1 specials but will only give you one at a time if you are solo.

Given that, I can imagine the actual scenario was two underage drinkers got busted, and one claimed he bought both drinks.

posted by: Mister Jones on June 26, 2012  10:02am

No wonder the old shot-and-a-beer joints are long gone. [That’s two servings at once, right?]