Campaign Notebook 6/11/13

Gary Holder-Winfield took his New Haven mayoral campaign on the road Tuesday—to Albany.

Working with a national group called Democracy Matters, he planned to spend the day “meeting with key state Senators to push for the passage of a public financing system for New York similar to public financing systems established in Connecticut,” according to a campaign press release.

The point: Four of the Democrats running for mayor in New Haven this season have opted out of the city’s voluntary public-financing system, run by the Democracy Fund. Holder-Winfield has championed public financing as a state legislator. And he has opted in to the Democracy Fund for this campaign. He also challenged his opponents to “run clean” by promising to abide by the results of the Sept. 10 Democratic Party mayoral primary, rather than consider running as independent petition candidates in the general election if they lose the primary. No one else has agreed to sign Holder-Winfield’s “pledge” both to participate in the Democracy Fund and to swear off a general-election independent run. (Click here for more on that.)

Candidates participating in the fund agree to limit individual campaign contributions to $370 (rather than $1,000) and to eschew donations from committees in return for matching public money.

Harp Revs Up: Meanwhile, one of the mayoral candidates who chose not to participate in the Democracy Fund—state Sen. Toni Harp—is racing to catch up to Henry Fernandez, another candidate who has eschewed public-financing, in the fund-raising department. Harp joined the race after the six other Democrats. And she has been busy in Hartford during the legislative session, which ended last week.

Harp mailed a June 4 letter to New Haven voters soliciting donations of up to $1,000 for “vital ‘seed money.’” She set a goal of raising $100,000 by July 1.

“With brochures and other literature to purchase, events to organize, yard signs to order, and scores of ads to place, I need your help,” Harp wrote.

Meanwhile, Harp is set to receive the endorsement of a group of Latino elected officials at a 5 p.m. press conference Wednesday, following up on a June 2 endorsement by 18 members of the Board of Aldermen.

Video Pitch: Fernandez’s mayoral campaign released a new video on its “One City” theme. Click on the play arrow to watch it. Fernandez has a fundraiser scheduled at Westville’s Lyric Hall Tuesday night; fellow Democratic candidate Justin Elicker has one planned at the home of attorney (and Ward 19 aldermanic candidate) Michael Stratton, who serves as Elicker’s campaign fundraising chief.

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posted by: Xavier on June 11, 2013  9:44pm

One City Henry has hit it again. Great video and I know just one of many more to come. One City Henry is ramping it up. Kudos to his professional campaign staff and with some great stills of One City Henry mixing it up all over the city! His city. One City Henry’s charm is so contagious there should be a vaccine for it.

posted by: HhE on June 11, 2013  10:36pm

Well, if one were running for office in Greenwich, taking a trip to Albany makes sense as their Governor lives there.  Sorry, Gary, I could not resist.

posted by: HhE on June 11, 2013  10:39pm

One City Henry’s video is pretty lame.  I have seen better on YouTube done by some guy working out of his basement or attic on a clever idea, or just a personal interest.

posted by: mstratton on June 11, 2013  11:03pm

That video is all flash and no substance. Details matter. One city Henry plopped down a massive non tax paying college right in the center of our city—as if Yale was not enough non tax paying colleges right down town. This means our best real estate is not generating tax income and the burden falls on the renters and homeowners. Now he promises great retirements, great jobs, and a safe haven for new immigrants. How One city Henry do we pay for this. Where in your video do you tell us about that or how you are going to make this city livable for its residents. Classic political nonsense.

posted by: FromTheHill on June 12, 2013  8:44am

Is Xavier really Mica in disguise?  This gushing over a mayoral candidate is really getting silly.

posted by: why! on June 12, 2013  8:56am

Mstratton, You must agree that New Haven would be a pretty sad place without Yale. Gateway affords many in New Haven and the greater New Haven area an affordable chance at a higher education. I am taking about the poor and the working poor,single mothers,the elderly… One City Henry didn’t do it by himself he worked on it supported it as Economic Developer and supervised his staff to make sure the city met its responsibility in the project. Remember the the mall downtown that no one was shopping at. Remember all the young folks carrying guns downtown now they are carrying books and its one bus from anywhere in New Haven. Hhe about the video, whats important is that you saw it what you think about the quality doesn’t matter. The video is well done glad you all took time to watch it. when Henry speaks everybody listen! Go Henry people like who care like Hhe saw your video!!!

posted by: Xavier on June 12, 2013  9:14am

HhE and mstratton
I think this is what they call a trailer in teh buzz. One City Henry’s campaign is teasing us, sparking questions like yours, so that we are drawn in deeper into One City Henry’s vision. I await One City Henry’s subsequent videos.

No one media could possibly capture the totality of One City Henry’s personality. Like all candidates, once you meet One City Henry you will see he is the best candidate. I have heard that his personality is so magnetic, he can not carry credit cards.

posted by: HhE on June 12, 2013  9:18am

FromTheHill, there is some thought that Xavier might be a farce.  I think he is just stuck in a 20th century, political media hype loop.

why!, I saw his video, and I decried it.  I found it to be a stringed together collection of lofty ideals that are NOT connected by substance:  like how does this get paid for, or how one squares One City with selling out the city (and thus the residents and tax payers). 

Justin Elicker has pointed a camera on a tripod, tossed in some low end graphics, and produced a (actually two) video worth watching because it actually informed. 

Maybe this video really does capture something.  Henry is selling a bill of goods, with a hidden price tag—a very large hidden price tag.

posted by: Curious on June 12, 2013  9:45am

Xavier throw out too many “Most Interesting Man in the World” snippets and applies them to Fernandez to not be tongue in cheek.

posted by: FromTheHill on June 12, 2013  9:48am

“His personality is so magnetic, he can not carry credit cards.”
I feel like I need a shower

posted by: Xavier on June 12, 2013  9:53am

I am not a farce. But if we think for a moment that campaigns and getting elected is based on substance, we are kidding ourselves. It is about perceptions. 

One City Henry understands this and the way this city has been run for 20 years. As I have said over and over again, I don’t think we want some sort of revolution followed by a civil war of factional infighting when JD rides off into the sunset.

Someone once wrote that I was espousing a Machiavellian approach to politics: too harsh of an evaluation, in my opinion. Many wish we had clean elections, nice candidates, and transparent elected officials. One can choose to live as if that existed, but it does not. And if one chooses to live as if it existed,  one will be so disconnected from reality and little effect. (Ideologues running Washington shows what happens when people try to live in a reality that does not exist. Republicans are acting as if they won the election and the net effect, failed government. We need politicians who get stuff done. 

One City Henry, admittedly not a “nice” person, understands the political landscape of New Haven. Come on, do you really think Harp’s decision to do the NHR interview in Edgewood Park and not at her home was not to avoid problems? Harp and her groupies get it too. She just appears as “nicer” than One City Henry. Stay thirty for a mayor who will win an election and govern. One City Henry.

posted by: Bill Saunders on June 12, 2013  1:46pm

I can’t wait for the “One City’ Election Swag.

Can I get a pair of underwear with the logo???

posted by: cedarhillresident! on June 12, 2013  2:53pm

I stopped reading most of the stuff on this guy. He really is trying to spend his way to the mayors seat and I find it to be insulting to the people of this city. I have talked to so many and have yet to speak to a sole ( I mean not one person) that did not use adjectives like, hate, dislike, scum. I am being serious. Even city hall people that you would think would be backing him had even more colorful adjectives. He is even more disliked than Johnny. So I am confused as to who all his supporters are? Out of towners?

posted by: HhE on June 12, 2013  4:10pm

cedarhillresident!, from what I hear, basically yes:  people who would treat the carcass of New Haven as a meal.  Know what else feeds on the dead and the dieing?

posted by: cedarhillresident! on June 12, 2013  4:23pm


Republicans?  :)

posted by: HhE on June 12, 2013  10:30pm

cedarhillresident!, the GOP carrion eaters I know are treating New Haven as a dump for any problems that might creep into their towns.  No, its mostly Democrats.  (It is good to never have belonged to a political party.)