Campaign Trail Rocks For Elicker

Allan Appel PhotoAs in a rocking chair, that is.

As Justin Elicker and volunteers finished canvassing in Fair Haven Heights on Saturday, the mayoral candidate spotted a rocker for sale on Grand Avenue just east of the bridge.

It was among end tables, TVs, a white dining room set, and lawn furniture, part of Rich Torcello’s never-ending weekend display of old furniture that he hauls out of the barn he rents set back from Grand near the river and places on the sidewalk. That’s,where the Elicker team spotted the item.

“I need a ten-minute rest from campaigning,” Elicker said.

He and the volunteers had been knocking on doors in Fair Haven Heights for three hours. Elicker said he had received “lots of good comments about education and quality-of-life issues.”

But now it was time to try out the rocker.

Torcello then drove up in his gun-metal grey truck. “It’s simple, classic. I play a little banjo,” Elicker said to him and took out his wallet. The price on the chair indicated ten dollars.

The candidate fished out a twenty.

Torcello said he had never sold a rocking chair to a candidate before, especially one he approved of. So whether the candidate wanted to hear, Torcello launched into a complaint about how life can be improved up at the Bella Vista, the senior complex in the Heights.

“Three, four, five times a day for a fire truck to go to Bella Vista? [That’s] thousands of bucks a day.”

Elicker nodded in understanding, and he and Torcello concluded their transaction.

How was the passing press to interpret the purchase?

“The day after I win, I’ll take a little break. And the day after I win I’m only going to sit for ten minutes, because there’s a lot to do,” Elicker said.

Then he hoisted his new rocking chair on his head and walked it back to his nearby parked car.

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posted by: JuliaCS on July 1, 2013  3:44pm

Just wanted to add - this was a complete coincidence. Justin was out campaigning and about to buy the chair, when Allen rode by on his bike!

posted by: Curious on July 1, 2013  4:02pm

Was Allan Appel out on the trail with the candidate today?  How about spending some time in city hall to observe whether we need a city clerk or not?

posted by: cedarhillresident! on July 1, 2013  4:02pm

I am sorry but how can you not love this man! That is a sweet rocker Justin! Recycle/Reuse! Bravo!

posted by: Curious on July 1, 2013  4:09pm

I again have to question which picture the NHI runs with each article.  Elicker, sitting in a chair by himself, looking off into the distance?  Did you go to any kind of journalism school?  Or camp?  Or read a book about it?  You have to know what kind of impression that makes.  I don’t see you running this sad-faced and tired picture of Toi Harp as the lead to any of the articles about her.

Keep it consistent, please.  If you don’t adhere to any journalistic standards, you’re not an indie newspaper, you’re a blog.

posted by: kimlink on July 1, 2013  6:35pm

Curious   Your comment about the picture of YOUR candidate in a rocking chair is really troubling.He knew he was being photographed. You both wish it would be in the mayor’s chair someday. But guess what,that’s not gonna happen.

posted by: Curious on July 1, 2013  9:54pm

Kim Klink, Elicker isn’t the first pol that NHI has featured a laughable picture of, nor am I the first to complain about it.  Some pols seem to escape the treatment.

Thanks for playing.

posted by: HhE on July 1, 2013  10:17pm

Early days, kimlink.  Remember when Mr. Fernandez was all but a shoe in?  Now he appears to be running fourth place.

Yes, I think Sen. Harp is in the lead, but her support does not have the depth that Aldermen Elicker has.  With Gary out, Justin now represents the reform vote, and has supporters who are well connected, if decentralised.  I do not think any of us will know who the next mayor will be until the first Wednesday in November.

I dare say Curious’ comment was in reference to the particular photo selected to head this story.  As someone who has not only take a lot of photos, but has taught photography, I can tell you that a lot of less than complimentary photos are taken in a series of photos.  Selection of which photo to use can say a lot about a journalist.

(For each photo used in the annual report of the mid sized firm my Father used to work for, an entire roll of film would be used.  Each photo was eessentiallythe same subject, lighting, and basic pose, but one would be picked as the best.)

posted by: RCguy on July 2, 2013  8:10am

You guys are reminding me of this:

(Ron Paul after winning a presidential debate)

posted by: HhE on July 2, 2013  12:39pm

accountability, any chance you might learn how to behave in polite society?

posted by: Razzie on July 2, 2013  1:14pm

@ RC Guy

Hilarious! Charming pic representing the candidate from New Canaan. I don’t know why Elicker supporters insist on making candidates’ looks a campaign issue. Perhaps they have run out of issues to talk about.

posted by: Razzie on July 2, 2013  1:23pm

Neither you nor Curious has any right to expect that the NHI will be the official photo journalist for the Elicker campaign. The photographer only works with what is presented. Your candidate is already getting more free coverage than anyone else. Be thankful for small favors.

posted by: cedarhillresident! on July 2, 2013  2:30pm

I agree photos can tell a story so it is important for a true journalist to be mindful.

but with that said it is also about the viewer.

Ex: the photo you posted of harp..when I first saw it to me it looks like she is thinking…” Why did I say yes to this…ugg get me out of here. I wish I thought this out” she looks like she is already done with running.

and the photo of Elicker…he looks to me to be strong and confident. He is not a man that will sit in his office but be out with the people (dear I say a Cory Booker type).

So it is in how we look at it.

posted by: David S Baker on July 3, 2013  12:40pm

The only thing remarkable about this article is the fact Allan managed to catch him on film sitting down.  That’s like trying to catch a humming bird in flight with chopsticks.

posted by: cedarhillresident! on July 3, 2013  12:58pm

ha David so true! He is the most high energy person I know!

posted by: Indigo on July 3, 2013  2:53pm

So…Justin Elicker releases the initial dozen of seventy five concrete solutions for New Haven, the only candidate to provide such a comprehensive set of initiatives, and the NHI runs an article about him buying a chair?

How about an article on the 75 days, 75 solutions campaign?

Check it out

posted by: HhE on July 3, 2013  7:40pm

For what it is worth, I think Allen Appel is a very good journalist.