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Car Crashes Near Seawall

by Staff | Jan 3, 2014 11:14 am

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Posted to: Citizen Contributions, Transportation, Morris Cove

Evan Smith Photo Reader Evan Smith sent in this photo of a car accident Friday morning on Townsend Avenue by the Morris Cove seawall.

He came upon the crash around 6 a.m. Friday.

“The driver overshot the right-hand uphill bend at the end of the sea wall section and ended up hung up on a wooden guardrail post,” Smith reported. He said the state Department of Transportation “generally does a good job keeping Townsend Avenue (state route 337) clear and keeping this section well salted, but the salt is less effective at these low temperatures.”

New Haven saw about 13 car accidents overnight, police said.


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posted by: cedarhillresident! on January 3, 2014  9:43am

Many many moons ago I crashed in this exact spot, was going slower than dirt and still lost control, this was the spot that made me fear driving in snow till this day. It needs to be heavily sanded.

posted by: 32knot on January 3, 2014  10:29am

I drove past here about 10 minutes after the crash. it is a slick spot with no remedy. i went by in 4 wheel drive going uphill but at 5 MPH.  lots of sand and salt in this cold will do no good. MY advice is steer clear and go up/down Concord ST.

Those wooden barriers are hit at least twice a month even in good weather!!!

posted by: fastdriver on January 3, 2014  11:58am

Looks like this driver isn’t following the new state law about cleaning the snow off your car. Back window completely covered!

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