Price Of Immortality: $106 A Bottle

A new chain outlet on Chapel Street fills an empty storefront, creates four new jobs, brings color to the block, and offers immortality in a bottle. 

A top seller at L’Occitane En Provence, which officially opened on Thursday, is the global beauty product company’s “Creme Divine: A L’Immortelle Bioloque.” It’s $106 for a 1.7-ounce bottle.

L’Occitane held an official ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday morning, featuring city and Yale officials. The bright orange store is located at 1042 Chapel St. the former home of Tracy B, the boutique that moved to Branford last February.

Mayor Toni Harp said she is “so pleased to welcome a new store.”

“Thank you for coming to New Haven,” she said. “I look forward to shopping here.”

Teresa Gefter, L’Occitane’s vice president of retail said the company is “thrilled to be part of the New Haven and Yale community.”

After snipping the ceremonial ribbon, Mayor Harp picked up a manicure set for herself.

Steve Kovel, who own’s Hulls Art Supplies and heads a business association of Yale property stores, hailed the store and “the brightness it brings to the street.”

“The color is just beautiful,” he said.

Gefter said L’Occitane started in the south of France and is now a global company, with about 200 locations in the United States, including five others in Connecticut. She said the company renovated the interior to create an “authentic store design from the south of France.” The store sports a new intricately tiled floor.

Fragrance fills the air. By the front door, “favorite” products include not only divine cream, but also almond shower oil ($24), shea butter ($28), and “Pivoine Flora Eau de Toilette” ($47).

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posted by: cedarhillresident! on January 17, 2014  11:39am

oh bother, another store us poor’ people can’t afford. But her it created 4 jobs so that is a plus and it filled a vacant space another plus.

posted by: Bill Saunders on January 17, 2014  11:44am

This new store is the winner of the Ugliest Facade contest.
The bright yellow is an eyesore, and is sympathetic to none of it’s surroundings. 

But I guess aesthetics is out, these days…..

posted by: Babz Rawls Ivy on January 17, 2014  1:01pm

Great! I love the L’Occtaine products, that shea butter is heaven! There is a store in West Farms Mall in Newington that I’d pop in to once every blue moon.  And of course QVC sells their stuff on a regular rotation.

I am glad high-end shops find New Haven attractive as a retail outlet.

That yellow is so bold and pretty! I love that Parisienne feel. And just in time for Valentine’s Day! Oh La La!

posted by: Paul Wessel on January 17, 2014  2:17pm

Caveat emptor:  all that glitters isn’t necessarily gold:  The Wall Street Journal recently reported a L’Occitane settlement with the feds for deceptive advertising.  “In the L’Occitane case, the FTC cited a 2012 advertisement stating that Almond Beautiful Shape could “trim 1.3 inches in just 4 weeks” and that it was a “cellulite fighter.” The agency said L’Occitane agreed to pay $450,000 to settle the charges.” FTC Cracks Down on Weight-Loss Product Marketers

posted by: Gauss on January 17, 2014  3:27pm

I love l’Occitane - their hand creams and lip balms are the best. Yes, they are not cheap, but I’d rather see a nice store on Chapel than a check cashing or cheap liquor outlet.

posted by: Guido Brunetti on January 17, 2014  5:18pm


You Never will see a check cashing outlet or cheap liquor store on that block. Yale controls who goes there. South of 900 Chapel more likely.

posted by: Dwightstreeter on January 17, 2014  11:16pm

With a little luck, we will rival the outdoor mall formerly known as Westport.

FYI, the “empty space” was a boutique.

posted by: Stylo on January 19, 2014  3:09pm

The boutique was asked to leave by Yale, it wasn’t naturally empty. They have since moved to downtown Milford and are now called Lovet Shop.