Charges Dismissed Agaist Batman Gun-Toter

Thomas MacMillan File PhotoA pistol-packing moviegoer got his court ticket stamped “dismissed” Monday.

The movie-goer, prominent local attorney Sung-Ho Hwang (at left in above photo), appeared in state Superior Court on Elm Street on charges of breach of peace and interfering stemming from an Aug. 7 incident at the Criterion movie theater downtown. Hwang was arrested there after bringing a loaded .40-caliber Glock pistol to a showing of the latest Batman movie, “The Dark Night Rises.” He had a permit for the pistol. He was charged for allegedly refusing the orders of cops who stormed the theater after hearing reports of an armed man there. Hwang allegedly laughed and used his cell phone as police pointed their guns at him and demanded he show his hands.

Monday morning Assistant State’s Attorney David Strollo moved to have Hwang’s charges nolled. Hwang’s attorney, Hugh Keefe, moved instead to have the charged dismissed. Judge Maureen Keegan granted Keefe’s wish and dismissed the charged.

“I’m delighted for Sung Ho, who’s a fabulous lawyer, well regarded by the bar, as witnessed by the fact that he’s president of the New Haven County Bar Association, and also instrumental in the Korean community in New Haven,” Keefe (at right in above photo) said afterward.

Read about the police’s version of the incident here.

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posted by: THREEFIFTHS on December 3, 2012  2:13pm

To the union haters who complain about union workers perks.What are you going to say now when this man sues the city for false arrest?

posted by: Charl on December 3, 2012  3:03pm

As the old saying goes:
A good lawyer knows the law.  A great lawyer knows the judge.

Mission accomplished!  Got his name out there in the papers, when before this event, his name was unknown outside the attorney “guild.”

I must say though, what a waste of taxpayer money.  Will the state use this as an impetus to clear up the vague carry laws?  No, is my guess.

posted by: Edward_H on December 3, 2012  6:10pm


I am an admitted union hater yet I have no idea what unions have to do with this issue. Do you mind elaborating?

posted by: JustAnotherTaxPayer on December 3, 2012  8:39pm

Thank You to Hugh Keefe, and Dave Strollo. Now the question is how much damage has been done to this man’s reputation? Or the time he spent in handcuffs, prisoner transportation, holding cells, how do you compensate someone for that, after a bad arrest? Oh, and public statements made at a press conference on the front steps of city hall, where the Mayor, and Police Chief, not only condoned a bad arrest, but continued to slander a person who did not violate the law, and was supposed to be aassumed innocent until proven guilty? How much have the people in charge inflated a civil settlement by their unprofessional use of the press, to try and press for the persecution of an innocent person.

It’s not unusual, it’s a pattern, and just ask any former city employee arrestted falsely. Not the ones who actually did violate the law and were a arrestted. The ones who are the victims of a bad arrest, that management knows will end in a loss in civil court, so they publicly embaress them with press releases, “bullying” tactics, and slander through gossip. Happens pretty often in New Haven.

posted by: Brutus2011 on December 3, 2012  8:59pm

Given the fact pattern as reported in the media, this is probably the right decision.

I was kind of hoping to see a public policy or social utility debate about this emerge but I guess not this time.

Congratulations to all for not unnecessarily besmirching Mr. Hwang’s reputation.

posted by: HhE on December 3, 2012  10:16pm

3/5ths, the Unions have nothing to do with this, save that the police happen to belong to a union, and lawyers have the most powerful union/guild of all:  the ABA.

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on December 3, 2012  10:34pm

The union haters always say the union workers cost the taxpayers money.Now if the man sues will it not cost the taxpayers money.

posted by: robn on December 4, 2012  8:18am

So the next time a young back male is suspected by police of carrying a firearm either illegally (w/o permit) or with criminal intent, he can just refuse a search with impunity?

posted by: neimanMarcus203 on December 4, 2012  12:19pm

He got off way to easy, I’m sure its because of who he is, The first issue is if he is carrying a weapon he has to have it concealed. Even off duty law enforcement keep their weapons concealed. Second in all the hype surrounding that particular movie it was idiotic of him not to be that much more careful. His weapons license should be suspended. He should also have been given community service for the resisting arrest charge. I cant even imagine how much worst it would have been if he were black, but thats just my 2 cents

posted by: Edward_H on December 4, 2012  1:45pm


I still don’t get the connection you see between this case and unions.


“The first issue is if he is carrying a weapon he has to have it concealed”

You are 100% incorrect. There is no law or statute on the books that require a legal gun owner to conceal his weapon in the state of CT. If you know of a statute please cite it.

posted by: Curious on December 4, 2012  4:47pm

Good reporting would describe the difference between “nolled” and “dismissed”.  As a layman to the law I have no idea what these terms mean.  If you’re going to use them, then explain them.

[Editor: If you get a nolle in Connecticut, the prosecution agrees to drop the charge if you stay out of trouble for 13 months. A dismissal gets rid of the charge outright.]

posted by: Theresa on December 4, 2012  9:59pm

The man should have known better.  A real disgrace baiting the cops and ruining the movie for theater goers. He may be book smart but that’s about it.