Cop Charged With Assault

A 14-year New Haven cop turned himself in for arrest Tuesday morning following an investigation into a domestic violence complaint.

He’s been charged with risk of injury to a minor, assault in the third degree and threatening in the first degree. He has surrendered his gun and has been placed on administrative duty, according to police spokesman Officer Dave Hartman.

On Friday, a woman filed a domestic violence complaint against the 47-year-old officer, a Dixwell beat cop, Hartman said. After an investigation over the weekend, police secured a warrant for the officer, who turned himself in on Tuesday at 10:45 a.m. at police headquarters.

“The department followed through immediately with the investigation,” Chief Dean Esserman said. “We hold our Officers to high standards and take such complaints seriously—as we would when investigating similar complaints involving civilians.”

The officer has cooperated with the investigation and surrendered his duty weapon in compliance with a domestic violence court order, Hartman said.

He posted a $10,000 bond and was released. He is due to appear in court on Wednesday.

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posted by: Paul Garlinghouse on January 29, 2013  1:03pm

Why are they withholding the cop’s name?  Arrests are public records.  Did the reporter not find out this information?

[Editor’s note: We withhold the names of people accused of a crime unless we get their side, or they’re public figures, or if there’s a pressing public need to know the name. Often there are grey area calls. This was one of them.]

posted by: Greg-Morehead on January 29, 2013  1:41pm

Today, I have been hit left and right with shocking news.  First Destefano, now this story. 
I need time to digest all of this. 
Again, WOW!

posted by: Edward_H on January 29, 2013  2:08pm


Good lord man, Where have you been? Cops commit higher rates of domestic violence than the general population. This was true 20 years ago when I first learned it in college and is still true today.

posted by: Curious on January 29, 2013  4:17pm

I’ve heard the editor’s stance on not releasing names of accused individuals unless they are public figures, but I challenge that in this case, since a police officer is most certainly a public figure.

It’s also contradictory…remember the incident where the NHI reported on the off-duty cops shooting outside Christopher Martin’s?

This article lists the officers’ names, and doesn’t show that they had given their side of the story to the NHI.

So which is it?  Are police public figures or not?

posted by: alluneedtoknow on January 29, 2013  4:31pm

Greg Morehead

you were a great alderman,  you should think about a run for mayor.

posted by: Solid45 on January 30, 2013  10:56am

Not Guilty!!!