Cops Arrest Alleged Hillhouse Shooter

(Updated) Just three days after a Hillhouse freshman was shot near the school, a teenager stepped forward as the shooter.

A 17-year-old turned himself in to police Thursday morning for arrest in connection with the shooting of a 14-year-old boy outside Monday night’s Hillhouse-Career High basketball game.   

He is being held on a 250,000 bond.

The 17-year-old is a student at a small alternative public high school, Dixwell New Light

The victim, who was shot in the hand, is recovering.   

Police credited school resource officers and juvenile patrol workers with working closely with patrol cops and detectives to solve the case promptly.

In a statement issued Thursday afternoon, schools Superintendent Garth Harries was quoted as stating: “With two gun incidents in the past week, we are reminded of the need for urgency in coming together as a school district and a community to engage our youth and keep them firmly on the path toward graduation and college success and away from gun violence. This week, one of our students was shot outside of a school after a basketball game, but he will recover. Another student from another school has been arrested in the shooting. The complexity of the issue of youth gun violence in our community runs deep, but we fail if we do not do everything in our power to confront the problem and change the culture. Our students deserve nothing less than the chance to work hard, rise up and achieve success in life.”

Also Thursday afternoon, police put out a request for witnesses to last Friday evening’s fatal car crash on Howard Avenue to call detectives at 203-946-6304.

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posted by: MamaBear on January 16, 2014  12:49pm

I really hope that this juvenile is not covering/taking the rap for an adult with a record. That being said…if he is truly the shooter, I am grateful that he did the right thing and came forward. It is the first step in healing and peace. Great job to the NHPD and school security!!!

posted by: CreatingUrgency on January 16, 2014  4:52pm

the need for urgency ...keep them firmly on the path toward graduation and college success and away from gun violence.

Because NO ONE with a college degree has ever shot anyone.

College does not keep you from gun violence. Parents, teachers and community members who love and support you do.

I urge all parents who have guns in their homes to keep them secure.

I urge all parents who do not know if there are guns in the house to do a sweep. It is YOUR house. You have the RIGHT to know what your child is doing.

I urge all teachers who suspect that students are engaging in risky behavior to let a social worker or someone who works with said children know.

I urge community members to come together to support one another instead of turning a blind eye.

We need a sense of security in New Haven. That we are safe…in our homes, in our schools, in our sporting events, in our streets. 

We need not cower when faced with violence.

End the drug war. Ice the beef. Guns down, books up. Teach our Children.

Safety IS a civil rights issue.

posted by: obi on January 17, 2014  10:20am

Thanks to Destefano for another burden to tax payers.  Dixwell New Light > “Population: approx. 24”
Is this school cost effective for those paying?..NO

posted by: CommonSense on January 17, 2014  11:05pm

If only there was some sort of law against shooting people…or even a law against guns in school zones. Then all this could’ve been prevented.