DeLauro Endorses Garcia

Melissa Bailey File PhotoNew Haven U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro announced on Thursday that she is endorsing hometown candidate Gerry Garcia in his run for Secretary of State.

Garcia (pictured) lives on Bradley Street in New Haven and is a former city alderman. As of Thursday, he was the only Latino running for statewide office in Connecticut this year.

In her endorsement announcement, DeLauro praised Garcia as “the best in our next generation of Connecticut’s leadership” and “a champion for working people.”

“He understands the aspirations of underrepresented communities – he’s lived them – and so many of my constituents have told me what I already knew:  Gerry is the right person at the right time running for the right office,” DeLauro said in a press release.

“It is humbling to receive Congresswoman DeLauro’s endorsement,” Garcia said, in the release.  “The Congresswoman has been a role model for me my whole life, and I am deeply grateful.”

DeLauro’s endorsement comes just a week before Democrats gather in Hartford for the state nominating convention, where New Haven Democrats have promised to deliver Garcia their bloc of 81 delegate votes.


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posted by: Will Clark on May 13, 2010  9:16pm

Congratulations Gerry on this well deserved endorsement.  Gerry is the best Candidate for Secretary of State and will make New Haven proud.  Go Gerry!

posted by: Tomas Reyes Jr. on May 14, 2010  9:36am

Many thanks to Congresswoman DeLauro who has always been a friend and ally of the Latino
community not only in her district but state-
wide.However, I believe the true significance
of this endorsement is the recognition that he
is the best candidate for the post at this
particular time. He has the skills, the smarts,
the experience,and above all, the vision to
make that office do what it is mandated to do!
Gerry also brings excitement and the ability to
wake up a sleeping giant, the Latino community.
Together with the state`s African-American
community, the progressives,labor, and the state`s small business community, Gerry can
be quite instrumental in helping the Democrats
to a resounding VICTORY in November. Let`s all
support and work for Gerry and all the Dems.

posted by: Chris on May 14, 2010  10:02am

Congratulations Gerry, We are all proud of you.

posted by: jerry smart on May 14, 2010  10:13am

Congratulations Gerry.Good Luck.

posted by: cba on May 14, 2010  11:18am

In this current political time, the endorsement of a Washington insider such as DeLauro has as much value with voters as confederate dollar bill

posted by: matt c on May 17, 2010  10:55am

Go Gerry!  You will bring an unbridled energy and sense of understanding for those who have been left behind.  You’re not an insider; you’re a real person.  There’s a lot of work to do; and you’re just the candidate to do it!

posted by: abg22 on May 17, 2010  3:52pm

There are two questions that Democrats should be asking in the SOTS primary: one, which candidate is strongest on the issues; and two, which candidate offers the most to the overall Democratic ticket? On the first question, all the major candidates (Harris, Merrill, Garcia) are good, though Garcia has offered some of the strongest and clearest statements about early voting and other reforms in areas where Connecticut lags way behind other states. On the second question, it seems obvious that someone from the (electorally under-mobilized) Latino community and from one of the state’s largest cities (that hasn’t seen a statewide elected official for decades) stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of enhancing Democratic turnout and therefore the prospects of electing a Democratic governor in November. Many Democrats will implicitly dismiss the importance of the SOTS office and base their vote in the SOTS primary on superficial considerations such as which candidate seems personable, comes from their town, whose kids went to the same school as… and so on. These primary voters make this kind of short-sighted decision at their peril.