DeStefano Outraises Rivals 13-1

Paul Bass PhotoA new 109-page directory came out this week listing mayoral appointees, other city employees, and contractors who depend on city government for business.

Oh wait. That was the latest list of donors to the DeStefano for mayor reelection campaign.

The latest campaign finance filing showed the Mayor John DeStefano raised $116,627 from April through the end of June for his quest to win a 10th two-year term.

That brings his total raised to date to $233,483. By contrast, one of his opponents for the Democratic mayoral nomination, Clifton Graves, reported raising $14,100. Another, Jeffrey Kerekes, reporting raising $2,875. A third, Anthony Dawson, reported raising $1,105.

A fourth, Robert Lee, said he hasn’t raised money yet. “I’m just filing,” he explained as he showed up in the city clerk’s office this week with campaign papers.

So to date, DeStefano has raised around 13 times as much as all his opponents combined. He reported having $142,134.84 on hand at the end of the reporting period.

DeStefano’s latest report shows new contributions from 62 employees of city government or the housing authority, Board of Education, and parking authority, all of whose leaders the mayor appoints. The latest filing also showed contributions from at least 38 people listed as city government contractors.

And those “supporters” were able to give more generously to the mayor than in the past two elections—because DeStefano has freed them to give up to $1,000 each by declining this time around to participate in New Haven’s “clean elections” Democracy Fund program. (Read about that here.) In past years they could give up to $340. At least 17 contractors listed as giving money this quarter have now exceeded that earlier limit, as did 11 of the government employees.

Clifton Graves, meanwhile, said he made a “reluctant” decision to bow out of the Democracy Fund program, too, so he could raise larger sums of money in order to compete with the mayor. “This is an 18-year incumbent [DeStefano] who is well-funded and patronage-backed,” he said.

Kerekes stuck with the fund-raising limits required by the clean elections program. So did Dawson; 44 of 45 of his contributions were $25 or less. Lee said he’ll participate, too, in the program. “Believe me—the Democracy Fund—when it gets started, I’ll have it [the minimum number of contributions required to qualify for matching money] in a week!” he said.

Kerekes said Tuesday that he sees a potential problem with all a nine-term incumbent swooping up dough from people who depend on him for their livelihoods.

“In general people should be able to give to whomever they want. That’s a good democratic process,” Kerekes said. “The problem is in New Haven I have people who tell me they can’t make a contribution to me because they fear retribution. Is it really free will in this environment? I’m not so sure based on my interactions with city staff and employees.”

“The mayor’s proud of his record. When Connecticut is decreasing in population, New Haven is growing. Children who work hard can earn a real opportunity to go to college. The people who work for the city and have a working relationship with the mayor recognize all the amazing things he’s done for New Haven and they continue to recognize him demonstrating a vision for New Haven,” replied DeStefano manager Danny Kedem.

To serve as his campaign treasurer, DeStefano tapped his person he also picked to run the Housing Authority of New Haven (HANH), Karen DuBois-Walton. Four of her HANH lieutenants contributed to the mayor this reporting period.

Candidate Graves said the appearance of housing authority and school board employees and appointees on the contribution list raises “ethical” questions.

“I understand the pressures that are brought to bear. I don’t begrudge the employees,” he said.

DuBois-Walton failed to return a call for comment for this story. Campaign manager Kedem said he doesn’t see any problem with her dual roles.

“Dr. DuBois-Walton believes in Mayor DeStefano. She is in her own private time committed to his reelection. As is with many people who live and work in New Haven, people [at the housing authority] gave of their own volition,” he said.

The Nitty-Gritty

Click here to read Kerekes’ report. Dawson’s campaign treasurer submitted an electronic version of his submission to the state, but then said this version for some reason is missing 44 of the 45 names of individual contributors and promised to get back with more. The campaign then provided the Independent with a spreadsheet detailing contributions. Click here to read it.

Click here to read Graves’s report.

A number of the Graves contributions were larger than the $340 ceiling allowed for under rules of the Democracy Fund. Some of the lager contributions came from Jamil Hard of Atlanta ($400), William Jackson of Monroe, Conn. ($500), Sandy Hardon of Bridgeport ($500), Andre Baker Jr. of Bridgeport ($500), Jeffrey Tisdale of Bridgeport ($1,000), DeNorris Crosby of Monore ($500), Peter Clarke of Bridgeport ($500), Reynone Harp of New Haven ($500), Tamiko McArthur of New Haven ($500), Walter Freeman Hammie of New Haven ($500), Stephanie Smart of New Haven ($500), Raynand Harp Jr. of Florence, Mass. ($1,000), Virginia Jackson of New Haven ($500), Patricia Ross of New Haven ($500), Joel Kent of Stratford ($500), Djana Harp of Decatur, Georgia ($500); Donna Graves of Upper Marlboro, Maryland ($1,000); Tonya Williams-Mayo ($1,000), Jennifer Lanc of Columbia, Maryland ($500), businessman Carlton Highsmith of Middlebury, Conn. ($1,000).

DeStefano’s report was too large to upload to the Independent site in one piece. Click here, here, and here to download it in three parts.

Below is a list of the contractors and government employees whose names appear in the DeStefano latest report. In some cases their latest contributions are listed along with their campaign-to-date aggregate total of contributions, if they’d given money in previous reporting periods as well. (In the report some people’s jobs were misidentified; for instance, State Rep. Roland Lemar is listed as a mayoral press aide, a job he hasn’t held for years.)

George Keithan, CES Inc. $500
Neil Longobardi, process server, $150
Attorney Michael Luzzi, $500
Emily Byrne, New Haven Promise, $500
Doron Dagan, $400
Louis Mineri, Mineri Landscaping, $200
Sean Carroll, insurance agent,$500
James Carr, H. Carr, $500
Roger Chapman, Blakeslee Arpaia Chapman Inc., $1,000
Mark Cerreta, Lindley Food Service, $650
Chris DePino, lobbyist, $500
Floyd Dugas, Berchem, Moses & Devlin $500 new, $1,000 to date
Joseph Schiffer, architect, Herbert Newman & Partners, $200
David Schmid, CIO ProPark, $200
James Segaloff, attorney, $100
David SIlverstone, Science Park Development Corporation, $200
Henry Suzio, L Suzio Concrete, $500
Leonardo Suzio, Suzio COnstruction, $500
Thomas Torrenti, structural engineer, $250 new, $500 to date
James Travers, transportation director, $150
Martyn Philpot, attorney, $150 new, $350 to date
Elvis Pilsner, estimator, AL Solutions, $200
Neil Prete, A. Prete Construction Co., $250
Greogry Raucci, architect, Bismark Construction, $150
Dave Cornett, consultant, ERate Online, $1,000
Richard Munday, architect, Newman Architects, $500
Joseph Negro, systems manager, Fusco $100
Vincent Giordano, manager, Giordano Construction $500 new, $1,000 to date
Roger Harrison, utilities expert, $150
Michael Ianuzzi, Tyco, $500 new, $1,000 to date
Carolyn Kone, attorney, $400
Hugh Manke, lawyer, $150 new, $300 to date
Edward Mauro, Ed Mauro Electric, $1,000
Steven Mednick, attorney, $150 new, $300 to date
Alice Mick, attorney, $200
Wendy Mongillo, attorney, $500 new, $650 to date
David Omato, developer, Off Broadway Inc., $100
Wayne Martino, attorney, $250

Local government employees:
Joe Canzanella, supervisor, Board of Ed, $150 new, $750 to date
Immacolata Canelli, administrator, Board of Ed $150 new, $350 to date
Richard Miller, City Engineer, $150
Steve Andreucci, firefighter, $650
Sheila Bell, Administrator, housing authority, $150
Elizabeth Benton, mayoral aide, $100
Anthony Bialecki, deputy economic development administrator, $250 new, $550 to date
Victor Bolden, corporation counsel, $10 new, $350 to date
Robecca Bombero, mayoral aide, $50
Kathy Carbone, nursing director, $300
Joe Clerkin, budget official, $150
Brian Clark,  occupancy specialist, HANH, $100
Michael Crocco, principal, Board of Ed, $50 new, $200 to date
Pat Egan, assistant fire chief, $300
Michelle Duprey, office of accessibility director, $50
Theodora Barra, transportation facilitator, Board of Ed, $150 new, $300 to date
Andrew Rizzo, building inspector, $150
Daniel Roche, worker’s compensation coordinator, $150
Susan Sloan, teacher, $100
Maurine Villani, tax collector, $1,000
Eugene Vitelli, administrator BOE, $150 latest, $300 to date
Karen DuBois-Walton, executive director, HANH, $150
Gina Wells, principal, Board of Ed, $300 new, $400 to date
Stacy Werner, attorney, $150
Clayton Williams, small business officer, $100
Michael Piscitelli, deputy development administrator, $150
John Prokop, public works director, $150 new, $550 to date
Lawrence Rusconi, budget director, $150
Katya Reiner, adminstrator, Board of Ed, $50
Guilermina Ribero, administrator, HANH, $150
Peter Evans, teacher, $200
Nadine Gannon, assistant principal, $150
Richard Fontana, deputy director of emergency management, $150
Rob Smuts, chief administrative officer, $100
Robert Levine, parks director, $150 new, $300 total
Karyn Gilvarg, city plan director, $150 new, $300 to date
Bruce Gromly, pc support analyst, $150
Garth Harries, assistant superintendent of schools, $150 new, $650 to date
David Hartman, police officer, $150
Joan Hill, teacher, $150
Kim Johnsky, principal (listed as “principle”), $150 new, $400 to date
Erik Johnson, LCI director, $150 new, $190 to date
Otis Johnson, fair rent director, $50
Adam Joseph, mayoral spokesman, $50
William Kilpatrick, executive director, parking authority, $200 new, $600 to date
Laoise King, mayoral staffer, $150 new, $650 to date
Rosemarie Lemley, mayoral administrative assistant, $150 new, $450 to date
Tina Mannarino, administrator, Board of Ed $150
Kathleen Mattern, assistant principal, $150
Sean Matteson, mayoral chief of staff, $50 new, $200 to date
Reginald Mayo, schools superintendent, $150 new, $800 to date
Amy Meek, reentry coordinator, $150 new, $300 to date
Jimmy Miller, deputy director, HANH, $150
Myrna Montalvo, educator, $150 new, $300 to date
Peggy Moore, principal, $150 new, $550 to date
William O’Brien, assessor, $150 new, $300 to date
Inge Osbourne, school nurse, $150
Leida Pacini, administrator, Board of Ed, $150 new, $550 to date
William Dixon, parks deputy director, $300
Thomas Burns, counselor, Board of Ed, $50 new, $150 to date
Jennifer Pugh, deputy chief administrative officer, $150 new, $300 to date

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posted by: Limited Life on July 13, 2011  9:09am

This is the same old pay to play list on doing business in New Haven. It’s interesting to see who pays the most, and speculate why they are paying so much. For a $240,000 pay check Reggie Mayo gets really good value for his $800. Garth Harries only gets $150,000, but has had to put out $650, so he’s not really getting value for money. The tax collector gives $1,000, so I wonder if that’s a job that takes a percentage, like the probate judge. Obviously not, just my imagination running riot. $650 from a firefighter and I wonder who is hosing who. $1,000 from Giordano, the contractor. Oh, I see, it would have been much more, but there are only 3 new schools being built this year. I just can’t wait for all those TV commercials in October. Johnny Boy for ever, and ever, and ever, and ever, and ever…....

posted by: Limited Life on July 13, 2011  9:14am

I forgot to mention. Chief Limon is not on the list. None of his new assistant chiefs are on the list. Do they know something we don’t?

posted by: Thank you on July 13, 2011  9:39am

Does Danny Kedem not know how urban machine politics work? How “passionately supporting Mayor DeStefano” NECESSARILY comes with a price? How money rules New Haven, something that DeStefano’s tax-breaking corporate shills will readily admit?


Thank you, Mr. Bass, for following up on Ms. Bailey’s brilliant report from 2009:

posted by: anon on July 13, 2011  10:03am

“When Connecticut is decreasing in population, New Haven is growing.”

Connecticut and New Haven are both increasing in population.  In fact, Connecticut has one of the highest population growth rates of any state in our region.

posted by: Lincoln Robertson on July 13, 2011  10:36am

The prominence of Karen DuBois Walton in this story suggests to me if you need public housing you’d better vote for DeStefano.  Good media coverage is better than cash, I guess.

posted by: Blame the Mayor on July 13, 2011  10:55am

Down with the King!

This is why we must:


posted by: cba on July 13, 2011  11:23am

If John Destefano was not the Mayor, these contributors would not give him the time of day.  Sad truth is that in this day and age,politics is still a game of access!!

posted by: Noteworthy on July 13, 2011  11:24am

It is worth noting that the state of Connecticut has higher ethical standards than does John DeStefano or any of his campaign staff. These folks think it is fine to shake down city contractors for campaign donations. Equally interesting is the lack of integrity in the contractors that they cave so easily to buying more city business via the same process.

As for the city employees - a virtual who’s who of departments and managers who are directly responsible for bankrupting the City of New Haven. Pay to play.

I’m sure there are some real believers, but I’ll lay odds that whoever becomes mayor this time around, they’ll write the next check to that person. They’re loyalties are a deep as their paycheck. Sad.

posted by: Indefensible Moore on July 13, 2011  11:57am

“Peggy Moore, principal, $150 new, $550 to date”

Despite her repeated failures of leadership and character as the principle at Cross the administration continues to offer blanket support for Peggy Moore.

$550 is a small price to pay for a six figure salary and zero accountability.

I would gladly pay twice that to have Peggy Moore removed from Cross, who do I contact about that?

posted by: yz on July 13, 2011  12:21pm

“As is with many people who live and work in New Haven, people [at the housing authority] gave of their own volition”

Yep they had a free choice: give up your money or give up your job and future promotions. Ethically disgusting. And it is the overall political apathy of new haven that keeps destefano in power.

posted by: Chris Stewart on July 13, 2011  12:27pm

Well, the list does not exactly represent the best of New Haven.

posted by: To Indefensible Moore on July 13, 2011  1:30pm

If you want to open your checkbook to get rid of the dead weight in the BOE, I recommend starting with one of the other candidates for mayor.

posted by: Elaine Braffman on July 13, 2011  3:53pm

Not a healthy situation. But nothing new…...and while some employees are complaining about possibly loosing their pensions and other benefits they are contributing to the man trying to take it away…..go figure! YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!!!!!!

posted by: REALLY on July 13, 2011  4:31pm

This article and some of the subsequent responses are unbelievable. City employees, contractors and whomever else can contribute to whatever campaign they so choose. Is this not America? People kill me utilizing things such as this ambiguous article to make their same tired point. Did you ever stop to think that maybe the contributors believe in the Mayor? That maybe they believe in the promise of New Haven? I will tell you this, I wouldn’t give a dime, which by the way I work for everyday,(therefore can do what I want with it)to these other “candidates” running for Mayor. In an effort to promote ethical and unbiased reporting, I think Paul Bass should stop his anti-DeStefano articles (same article from last election)for a minute and do his homework on the other candidates and report back to the group. I’m sure you will be pleasntly surprised “who” is running for Mayor. People, wake up. Stop letting Paul Bass’ disdain for John DeStefano dictate how you think.

posted by: Dudes, step your game up! on July 13, 2011  4:34pm

If De$tefano campaign raised-233,483.00 and has 142,184 on hand- that is a huge “burn rate”. His campaign has already used almost $92,000.

What did De$tefano get for $92,000 dollars? I say-not too much and his campaign is run like the city- collect a lot and spend a lot more.

Sorry, these other guys running are not going to come close to this type of street cash and will not have access to city employees, ct van and political hacks to depend on.

The De$tefano campaign likes this story- it sends a message- hey greedy types I have over a 100 grand in the bank and you better hold your nose and come get some of our dough.

Another reason- these guy will not come close- is none of them have access to the CT VAN system- known as the Connecticut Voter Access Network.

In order to get access to the voter file a person must get a letter from his/her town chair- which in New Haven is never going to happen.

Hey- you can call the town chair and ask her- for a letter and/or email to state central- but I do not think it is going to happen.

If you are still getting your voter list from city hall- you have just lost the race.

Step your game up, gentleman and hire a professional campaign manager. Someone who could put you on the road to a De$tefano free New Haven.

posted by: transparency on July 13, 2011  4:44pm

Thank you Paul Bass for bringing this to light. The public deserves greater transparency into the city gov’t processes, and it sure ain’t coming from the city itself, so thank you for taking your role as journalist seriously and putting it to good use.

Seeing all these contractors and developers on the list, it’s no wonder the Mayor has been so resistant to enforcing things that would actually create jobs for LOCAL residents, in particular the hard-won Community Benefits Agreement of 2006 with YNHH. Contrary to assertions of free market ideologues, CBAs have not been shown to discourage developers from moving forth projects, but they HAVE been shown to benefit local communities substantially. If DeStefano had upheld the deal, nearly 500 more people from the Hill neighborhood alone would have good jobs at the hospital by now. But instead of standing up for residents of this town who are struggling to find jobs that will actually support their families, he caves to his developer “pals”. So much for representing the people of NH. Development Work for Local Residents Exec. Summary.pdf

posted by: observor on July 13, 2011  5:30pm

this is pretty pathetic. DeStefano has no shame in shaking people down. ...

posted by: Elaine Braffman on July 13, 2011  5:54pm

Hey (Mr.Really), ....scruples should count, and employees that are in a struggle to hold on to benefits I am pretty sure are not loving the guy attempting to take those benefits away. As far as the other employees making stupendous money within his administration….. ofcourse they will give to him. And the contractors…..well it appears to be either paying for your contract when called upon because most do not live in New Haven so why would they care who is the mayor unless they are getting something out of it. ...
Elaine Braffman (in case you missed my name) what’s yours?

posted by: Charlie O'Keefe on July 13, 2011  7:37pm

Mr Bass,

Can you please put up the link to the State site where all the contributions are reported. It will make entertaining reading going forward. I like the posting of the new contributions, and the to date amounts. It looks like Johnny Boy is really squeezing people who don’t want to give, but have to. Can’t beat a Tammany Hall system.

posted by: Ellis Copeland on July 13, 2011  7:42pm

1) Nothing has been “brought to light” as some commenters suggest.  This has been common practice for 18 years and is well documented.

2) I always enjoy the biennial spectacle of everyone screeching how Johnny Boy must get the boot, yet somehow, come the 1st week in November he is overwhelming elected to yet another term.

posted by: Chris Gray on July 13, 2011  10:18pm

O.K., anyone who knows me knows that I have no money to spare.  So, it should be no surprise that Jeffery’s visit to me yesterday netted him nothing financially.  Heck, I think I only spent $79 total, and all my own money, on my losing bid against my neighbor, John Daniels.  Still, one of our two elevators in Bella Vista Building E was out of order and, rather than crowd the elders with carts or other disabled with chairs in the well-stuffed operating one, Jeffery Kerekes walked up fifteen flights.

Don’t get me wrong.  I see names associated with the Mayor and the Housing Authority whom I cannot help but respect and whose loyalty to him seems entirely sincere.  Dr. DuBois-Walton handled the return of my security deposit on an Authority apartment fairly and expeditiously.  Brian Clark was exceptionally sensitive in finding that apartment for me in the first place, basically a close as humanly possible as Authority building could be to where my mother was dying in Branford.

Still, I met Jeffery Kerekes for coffee several years back after we reached out to each other after reading each other’s comments in the New Haven Independent.  He impressed me with his grasp of the mechanics of governmental operation.  Unlike me, who ran to represent a vague agenda and make a point, he really wants to make the city operate properly and has the fire in the belly to get so many of us ordinary citizens to contribute to his campaigns in what ways we can.  (I read his filing.)  He’s running twice, people!

Or, perhaps, it will take more.  He seems determined.  He’s not running empty promises campaigns from a bar stool.

I know all of his opponents but Lee who was soundly trounced on his record here in my ward.  While I have some respect for Dr. Graves, none of Kerekes’ rivals seem to really be in the race for other than ego.  He honestly wants to lead.

posted by: Chris Gray on July 13, 2011  10:25pm

Oh, yeah, I forgot; well-associated with the word revolt since 1976 as I am, I should clarify that I mean through the ballot box!

posted by: Brian M. on July 13, 2011  11:55pm

I’m sorry, but you guys are really unbelievable.

Why didn’t the Independent didn’t give this some context? I.e. what percentage of city employees contributed? Why didn’t you give the other candidates the same treatment?

And why the snarky scare quotes around “supporters”? Do you mean it ironically, in the way your piece on Pike was supposed to be “journalism” but read like a product placement?

When it comes to covering local politics, you and the commenters are starting to sound like Fox does when they talk about the president. It’s totally unhinged, and every narrative is being bent to fit an anti-mayor/anti-union slant.

That’s, of course, your call. But do you honestly expect thinking people to believe that the mayor of this city is shaking down top city employees, threatening their jobs, and putting himself in legal jeopardy, all for contributions of $150?

Get a grip.

If we were talking about patterns of thousands of dollars here you’d have a story, but instead you take some guy who gave $50 and put his name and job up for derision. That’s how you’re handling this data?

As for the difference in totals: isn’t it simply a more likely and simple explanation that your man Kerekes hasn’t built a base of support outside the bubble of your readers? Most of Graves’ money is from people out of town or far enough away to be in a different climate! You could just as easily write the story saying “area men running for mayor can’t convince friends, neighbors to back campaigns.”

If the Independent is going to spend 90% of its political coverage talking to an alderman whose colleagues roll their eyes every time he speaks and mayoral candidates who can’t get their mothers to vote for them, it might be time to rethink your approach. Fox viewers were dumbfounded that Barack Obama won in 2008 after being told for months that it wasn’t possible. You and the commenters have convinced yourselves that New Haven is some kind of dictatorship with a wildly unpopular mayor-king. The portrait you’re presenting just doesn’t square with reality, and it’s deeply disrespectful of the democratic process.

posted by: richgetricher on July 14, 2011  12:33am

The amount of money that the Mayor has raised is nothing less than obscene. When he was John the Good, he supported the creation of a public financing system. Then frustrated that the panel he appointed was holding him accountable for his gross violations of public financing, he bolted and is now shaking down every contractor, department head, and anyone else who feeds at his trough. The Mayor is so out-of-touch with New Haven, his last hope is that he can buy it.

posted by: robn on July 14, 2011  9:11am

Campaigns should be required by law to submit this info in searchable, analyzable spreadsheets so that the data is earnestly accessible to the public. Anything less is obfuscation. Neither news organizations nor the public should have to do the campaigns clerical work for them.

posted by: Yimski on July 14, 2011  9:30am

The usual pay-to-play common, unfortunately, to most cities along the northeast corridor. 

Maybe this Kerekes guy is worth a long, hard look..

posted by: A Response to the Brian M. on July 14, 2011  9:34am

Brian M. “If the Independent is going to spend 90% of its political coverage talking to an alderman whose colleagues roll their eyes every time he speaks and mayoral candidates who can’t get their mothers to vote for them, it might be time to rethink your approach.”

Interesting rant, sounds as though the city administration is getting a little concerned about their chances to hold onto power. Perhaps it is possible that some BOA memebers they roll their eyes every time Goldson speaks because he speaks the truth? When I hear him say that this BOA voted for budgets two years running with multi-million dollar built in deficits, my eyes fall out of my head. When I hear him trying to convince his colleagues not to vote to give streets and parking lots away for free to to the $13 billion endowed Yale University, while taxing elderly homeowners 40% of their income, my eyes well up with tears.

Rant on, the end is fast approaching.

posted by: streever on July 14, 2011  9:39am


Note that some of the names on the list of supporters—who derive their entire income from the Mayor—are also passionate defenders of his, with neither substance nor content, in this paper’s comment section.

New Haven needs to get its act together and vote out ...

posted by: Google Earth on July 14, 2011  11:29am

Wow….Hausladen sold out Kerekes for 50 pieces of silver.
Wonder why it’s been so quiet in Ward 7 ??

posted by: Oh, U Must be 'That' Brian M on July 14, 2011  12:04pm

@ Brian M
“If the Independent is going to spend 90% of its political coverage talking to an alderman whose colleagues roll their eyes every time he speaks and mayoral candidates who can’t get their mothers to vote for them, it might be time to rethink your approach.”

Do you mean like Johnny D, whose BoA colleagues “roll their eyes” every time he presents his deficit laden budget, or some kooky scheme to ‘monetize’ (sell off) city assets? Or maybe the fact that I don’t see any of Johnny D’s relatives (or many of his neighbors) listed on his booty list.
This list, and all DeStefano apologists point out what’s worst about New Haven. Good coverage NHI ... we won’t see anything close to fact-based reportage coming out of the NHReg.

posted by: Eli on July 14, 2011  12:06pm

Well, at least Will Clark isn’t on this list.  Will he run for Mayor?

posted by: Noteworthy on July 14, 2011  2:18pm

Brian M:

... you know ...l how it works in City Hall. It is a major understanding that you want your name on the contributor list.

Just as we know certain city “contract” employees, enjoying a rich life of double dipping at taxpayer expense for make work jobs and minimum show jobs like pothole patrol and the like also work for DeStefano’s re-election. The bottom line is the state, not known for a particularly high level of integrity bans this type contractor donation.

That DeStefano embraces this conflict of interest says a lot about him and how he has run the city and how it is bankrupting our future. It explains the overbuilding of our schools, the extraordinary high debt, and all the hangers on who use this city as a piggy bank in their retirement. It explains the no-bid contracts and the years of no bid, non-review insurance policies.

Meanwhile, we have murders every other week; no jobs for New Haveners unless you’re connected to DeStefano and schools that being taken over by private contractors. It’s time to end this behavior and raise our city to a higher standard of integrity and honesty.

posted by: Limited Life on July 15, 2011  6:47am


Kelly Murphy isn’t on the list too. Looks like the 2 people who have the most knowledge of what’s going down don’t have to pay. ...
Read carefully. There’s a pecking order with Johnny Boy’s administrators. ...


posted by: Tony Pellegrino on July 15, 2011  5:00pm

Easiest ways to fix local and national government.
1. Term limits
2. Public financing of all campaigns.

Would definitely solve New Haven’s current leadership problems…

posted by: Chris Gray on July 16, 2011  6:32am

Despite Kerekes’ campaign issue, I really think voters need to revolt at the polls not depend on arbitrary limits.  We have that responsibility.

Speaking of mothers, Brian M., met a girlfriend of yours and her mother long ago and, frankly, I didn’t introduce her to mine.  Nor did I require that mine vote in this historically overtaxed, corruptly governed city.  I’m just a glutton for puniushment, myself.

posted by: Chris Gray on July 16, 2011  6:41am

Didn’t I hear a candidate on C-SPAN the other day say, “To preempt the question; no, I haven’t stopped beating my wife!”?

posted by: anon on July 16, 2011  6:43pm

Why doesn’t joel schiavone run again? This time I think he’d win.

Destefano would lose if just one super qualified person would run.

there is one person running I love, but city hall and various sub-rosa interest groups would eat him alive. He is too green, doesn’t know enough about how this city works. of course, it’s always great when you get someone like that who everyone underestimates who comes out of it somehow in one piece, but that is rare. 

Whoever wins will shoulder the debt crisis Destefano created with his school projects that’s about to come home to roost big time.

posted by: bjfair on July 17, 2011  1:43pm

Not impressed by how much money any candidate raised. If the people in the community turn out like they should they will decide who is best capable of turning this city around.  Nepotism will be a part of New Haven’s history and control will be given to those most invested in ALL of the New Haven community. I believe residents can reclaim this great city.

posted by: Claudia Herrera on July 17, 2011  9:32pm

Interesting all the employees come out with more than decent contributions. I’m   asking my self how many of us (that we work in the privet sector) we beryl want to give $10.00 for our boss birthday gift.

posted by: Concerned Citizen on July 18, 2011  1:03am

To Brian M. who posted this on July 13, 11:55pm:  “But do you honestly expect thinking people to believe that the mayor of this city is shaking down top city employees, threatening their jobs, and putting himself in legal jeopardy, all for contributions of $150?
Get a grip.”

Brian M., aren’t you being disingenuous? .. You are well aware that no one at City Hall has to call up city employees and say - unless you contribute, etc.  It is a known fact.  If you want to keep your cushy city job in NH, you donate often and generously to the mayor’s campaign.  In fact, it’s a certainty that many more city employees have donated, but some made donations through the names of others.  Besides, it is not $150 donations the well positioned are making; it is $500, $650, $800. Some pay in denominations of $150, but notice that the accumulative amount is much larger.

Why would people who live in Cheshire, Meriden, Trumbull, etc. be donating to the mayor’s campaign?  Garth Harries just got to New Haven last year; why is he donating $650? I am not surprised that those who contributed to Mr. Graves campaign are from out-of-state; those in NH are too afraid that if they donated to his campaign they will suffer repercussions.  New Haven is just like Daley’s Chicago of yesteryear—only smaller.  Someone who knows the political history of both cities told me that NH is more deadly because it is smaller; there is no place to hide from the cold steely wrath of the Mayor.

Where will all that money—that he will not have to spend on campaigning—go?  What is most distressing is—John DeStefano knows how to do good things for NH.  When he was running for governor in 2006, he was doing a few good things in NH.  Now that he knows that the governorship is not in his future, he is back to just exploiting his position. 

It is difficult to imagine anyone with half a brain doing any worse for the citizens of NH.  VOTE HIM OUT OF OFFICE.  Being mayor was NOT meant to be a permanent job for anyone.

posted by: streever on July 18, 2011  8:51am

Concerned Citizen:
I think Brian might have you on one point—city hall employees donating seems more of a carrot, and less of a stick. I think you can get a $50,000 annual contract to confirm/report potholes if you donate enough to the Mayor.

Maybe I’m wrong—maybe he fires you if you don’t donate enough. It just seems like he wouldn’t even need to threaten you if you can get a 50,000 to 80,000 contract out of him—or increased funding for your non-profit—or “temporary” Department head jobs for 100k without a real interview—by being a strong supporter.

posted by: Indygirl on July 19, 2011  1:47pm

As a HANH employee, I certainly wouldn’t give a dime to his campaign.

No thanks…it’s time for a new mayor.