Dots Connected

Anthony Clark PhotoGlobal warming. Tropical Storm Irene—and three other freak killer weather events in one year in Connecticut.

See a connection?

Some 150 people who gathered in Wooster Square Park Saturday did. They showed up for a “Connect The Dots” event, one of hundreds organized around the world.

The dots they connected: Climate change and extreme weather. A group called 350 Connecticut organized the Wooster Square event. Internationally, Saturday was dubbed “Climate Impacts Day.” (No word yet on a theme song.) Participants were said to have protested environmental policies and to have “educated” lots of other people about subjects like fossil fuels and rising sea levels.

In Wooster Square Park, Volunteer Vrinda Manglik (pictured) played the role of Alex Trebek at a “Subsidized Energy Jeopardy” game.

Rick Fontana of New Haven government’s Emergency Operations Center, told the crowd that the city lost over 940 trees during Tropical Storm Irene.

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