Driver Hits Girl, Flees

Police are searching for a white van whose driver hit an 8-year-old girl in Fair Haven Tuesday morning, then fled the scene.

Here’s what happened, according to police spokesman Officer David Hartman:

Shortly before 7:30 a.m. the white van hit the girl at Ferry and Pine streets. The driver drove off. Police are looking for the van, which has “double rear doors with windows” and possibly visible damage to “its front passenger side near or involving the headlamp.” Anyone with information is asked to call police at (203) 946-6316.

A bus driver witnessed the incident. “The school bus was not involved” in the incident, Hartman reported. “The child was not on the school bus.”

The girl, who lives in New Haven, was transported by ambulance to Yale-New Haven Hospital’s pediatric emergency department, where is being treated and listed in stable condition.

Police Chief Esserman met with the girl and her family at the hospital Tuesday morning. He “praised her bravery” and reported that she is expected to make a “full recovery.”

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posted by: HewNaven on March 18, 2014  10:01am

Same exact spot a pedestrian was killed last Fall. Driver was not charged. It’s either a popular place to dart into traffic or in need of traffic-calming immediately. .. before someone else gets killed. Where’s Doug Hausladen on this intersection?

posted by: Brian Tang on March 18, 2014  10:09am

Isn’t this the second time in recent memory that someone has hit a pedestrian crossing the Ferry St at this location? Isn’t there a crosswalk here? Why isn’t it functioning properly to keep pedestrians safe? Maybe this would be a good place for those semi-permanent curb extensions made from paint and plastic tubes that the mayor keeps promising. It would help by reducing the crossing distance and by making pedestrians waiting to cross more visible and obvious.

posted by: BeaverhillTom on March 18, 2014  11:07am

New Haven drivers, racing from one red light to the next. Come on people, slow down, drive the speed limit, and realize you are driving in a city with pedestrians and not an interstate.

posted by: Nathan on March 18, 2014  3:20pm

The video report on WTNH seems to show the area bordered with yellow tape is before the crosswalk and the narrative indicates she ran out to cross the street.  I hope for her speedy and complete recovery, but assignment of blame on the driver (except for leaving the scene) may be premature.

posted by: William Kurtz on March 18, 2014  6:14pm

Nathan, that’s one of the more odious things you’ve written in this forum. Are you seriously suggesting that “blame” be assigned to an 8-year old girl?

posted by: Nathan on March 18, 2014  7:52pm

Mr. Kurtz, I meant what I wrote (the driver may not be to blame for the accident) not what you wrote for me with the added insult.  Please keep both things to yourself, I have nothing to do with either.  There are many tragic accidents involving motor vehicles and pedestrians that are not the fault of the driver; New Haven has had several in the past decade.