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Driver’s License Plan Falls Short In “Election”

by | May 8, 2013 10:59 am

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Posted to: Immigrants, Transportation, True Vote

More than two-thirds of votes cast in an unofficial “election” opposed the idea of granting new state licenses to undocumented immigrants.

That was the result from among 2,922 votes cast by online news readers in a “TrueVote” election.

The online “TrueVote” ballots are part of a new project here at the New Haven Independent. It aims to involve voters in helping not just to decide who gets elected to make public decisions every year or two, but to create more discussion and register public opinion about what those decisions should be. The definition of democracy often comes down to choosing among candidates for public office, an important civic responsibility but only one feature of a healthy civic culture and political system. TrueVote is aimed at involving voters in the issues themselves, and making voting a regular exercise all year long with our online polls. (Click here to read about the first one, about the makeup of New Haven’s Board of Education.)

The ballot for the driver’s license TrueVote appeared on the Independent along with the websites of the Valley Independent Sentinel, the Branford Eagle, CTNews Junkie, Only In Bridgeport, and the New Haven Register.

Read a story about the issue here.

The question: “Should Connecticut Grant Driver’s Licenses To Undocumented Immigrants?”

The answers:  620, or 21.22 percent yes; 2006, or 68.65 percent no; 296, or 10.13 percent “yes, but with background checks.”


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posted by: Curious on May 8, 2013  11:13am

Thought so.

Does the poll ever close?  Closing it allows it to remain a valid response….if not it could keep getting voted on by anyone.

[Yes, it is closed. At least officially. At least it was supposed to be. We’re still working otu bugs in the coding. I had thought it was turned off when I posted this article—thank you for pointing out otherwise! We’re on it. ]

posted by: Elaine Braffman on May 8, 2013  7:25pm

I like this,it is very interesting to see results….thanks for thinking of it and implementing it!

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