Elicker Tops $90K

Justin Elicker announced he’s the first mayoral candidate to approach raising $100,000.

His campaign late Monday reported having raised $94,000 so far—$56,000 in 600 contributions from individual donors, $38,000 in expected matches from the public-financing agency the Democracy Fund. (Read about that here.) Elicker’s campaign said 80 percent of the individual donations came from New Haveners.

Elicker, an East Rock alderman, Newhallville state Rep. Gary Holder-Winfield, former city economic development chief Henry Fernandez, and Newhallville plumber Sundiata Keitazulu have all filed papers to run for the Democratic mayoral nomination. Elicker has said he plans to run in the November general election as an independent if he loses the Sept. 10 Democratic primary. Probate Judge Jack Keyes and Hillhouse Prinicipal Kermit Carolina are also expected to run in the Democratic primary.

Elicker got a quick start as both a candidate and fund-raiser in this race; he raised the $94,000 in two months. Money is one of several yardsticks campaigns use to measure—and tout—their candidates’ viability. Elicker balanced that with his commitment to running in the primary under the rules of the Democracy Fund, which limits individual contributions to $370 (rather than $1,000) and bars political action committee support in return for matching public dollars. All the candidates officially running so far except for Fernandez have agreed to run under the public-financing system.

“President Obama and U.S. Senator Chris Murphy proved that big money cannot buy elections on the national and state level. We plan to prove the same on the municipal level,” Elicker stated in a release.

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posted by: Wooster Squared on April 9, 2013  11:21am

That’s an impressive level of grassroots support by any standard. Any word on the other candidates’ numbers?

This just proves you don’t need to rely on money from City contractors and large donors to run a top-notch campaign.

I’m proud to live in a city where so many candidates have embraced this progressive, transparent, and honest approach to campaign financing.

posted by: cedarhillresident! on April 9, 2013  11:22am

After all these years of having big money buy our elected offices this makes me hope that we can restore democracy in this city. Jeffery started last go around and Justin is following though. A citizen supported candidate! Finally! New haven people banding together and saying we want a mayor that fights for us!

posted by: anonymous on April 9, 2013  1:12pm

600 small money donors - great work. I hope that the other candidates will show they are serious about public financing by at least matching this figure.

Most progressive voters will not even consider a Big Money candidate, especially if any who have a history of supporting “pay to play” working with big developers (for example, those who may have been involved in projects that demolished neighborhoods to build new schools) decide to run.