Stratton Weighs Mayoral Run In Wake Of Probe

Thomas MacMillan File PhotoA city alder who recently resigned his seat said Tuesday he will consider running for mayor next year because of a new police internal investigation into an incident in which he was attacked.

The former alder, Michael Stratton (pictured), made the declaration in a written statement.

He sent out the statement in response to the announcement that Police Chief Dean Esserman has ordered an internal investigation into why cops never wrote up a report about visiting an apartment where a woman had allegedly attacked Stratton on June 13 at 1:41 a.m. after he told her he was breaking off a relationship.

Stratton also gave his side of what occurred that night.

“I think Mayor [Toni] Harp may just have brought herself an opponent: me. It’s time a human being ran this city not a machine,” Stratton declared. 

He added that he won’t make a final decision on a run until he can “settle myself into life after marriage and get reinvolved in three children’s lives. Not having aldermanic responsibilities will allow me to do this over three-six months. I will not see this city or me back down.” Stratton resigned from his post as alder Monday, citing personal and family concerns. He served six months of his first term representing Ward 19, which comprises Prospect Hill and part of Newhallville. In his short time in office, he emerged as an outspoken budget watchdog and organizer of the People’s Caucus, a faction of city legislators opposed to the board’s labor-backed majority.

Harp responded Tuesday afternoon that had nothing to do with the investigation and didn’t know about it until after it began. “The issue isn’t about him. It’s about the police department getting its house in order,” Harp said. She said Stratton has played a constructive role in debates over the city budget.

“The reason we have a great country is because people who think they’d be a better leader have an opportunity to run for office,” Harp remarked.

Late-Night Argument

The incident occurred at the Kelly House apartments on Crown Street at 1:41 a.m. on Friday June 13. According to a report of the incident, officers responded to 911 calls about a domestic disturbance.

They found Stratton, who’s 48, in the lobby of the Kelly House. He had just stepped off the elevator, bloodied. He told officers that a woman upstairs had beaten him, according to the report.

Officers subsequently interviewed the woman, who is 20 years old. She confirmed that she had hit Stratton; she could not recall how many times. They had had an argument; the two were in a relationship, and Stratton had announced he was breaking it off. The police arrested the woman on breach of peace and assault charges. They did not arrest Stratton.

The police report made no mention of the officers going upstairs to visit the apartment.

Esserman (pictured) said Tuesday he ordered the investigation because he has subsequently learned that other officers did check the apartment.

“I want a full accounting of what happened that night when the police responded,” Esserman said.

At issue is whether drugs were visible at the scene that police ignored, and whether Stratton was given special treatment. A “small amount of marijuana” was observed in the apartment, according to police; the marijuana was not seized.

Stratton responded Tuesday that the marijuana did not belong to him.

The Independent interviewed the woman the day she was arrested at the Kelly House apartments. She confirmed that Stratton did not hit her. “I was out of line,” she said. Neighbors told the Independent that they heard banging and loud noises at the time, which led them to call 911. She was released from police custody on a promise to appear in court; her next court date is July 24. She said she and Stratton were living in the apartment at the time of the incident. (Stratton had rented a permanent new apartment in his ward at the time.) The woman could not be reached for further comment on Tuesday.

Stratton offered this version of the events that night:

“Since January I have fought for the people of New Haven and it took a toll on me and my family. By April I was separated from my wife ... The woman who attacked me had only known me for a few weeks. She did so after I said I thought the relationship was not something I wished to pursue given the age difference.

“When I attempted to leave she struck me repeatedly I did nothing to resist the attack knowing that even the slightest response would land me in jail and make me equally responsible. After taking 15-25 hits to the the face and body I managed to call 911 and ask for help. I did this to avoid having to physically respond. I did not require medical assistance but I did have several bruises and a swollen lip.

“The police officers who responded asked me very pointed questions and determined I was in fact the victim and had done nothing to cause the assault and nothing to resist it.

“This is entirely accurate.

“They also asked for the keys to my apartment. Without hesitation I gave them the keys. They wanted to ensure no one else was involved.

“I was not at all impaired at the time.

“No effort was made to protect the victim’s name here and there are no facts suggesting I did anything wrong.”

Next Political Steps

Stratton accused the Harp Administration of launching the investigation in order to get press coverage that would embarrass him.

” I am not embarrassed to be human and make mistakes in who I decide to date or live with,” he continued. “This is a problem every person has faced. It is especially possible when you are coming off a difficult marital separation. There is a rebound effect that causes rash decisions on partners. That would be my only “crime.” I acted with kindness and honesty with all involved. That’s what I care about most.”

He called the 20-year-old woman who hit him “a good person who ‘loved too much’ and hurt someone she cared about. I get that and I forgive her. I will never forgive the vindictive Harp administration.”

Harp (pictured) responded that she learned of the investigation at 11:30 a.m. when Esserman notified her that it had already begun. She said she supports the decision to investigate.

“I would never do that,” she said of Stratton’s suggestion that she played a role in launching the probe. “I would never want to embarrass someone. If he’s frankly embarrassed, the only way that he could be embarrassed in the kind of world we live in which there is no privacy is if he did something for which he is embarrassed. I didn’t take any action on it. I didn’t feel it was my place. He wasn’t arrested. It was just an unfortunate situation.”

Late Tuesday morning, Harp said, “the chief came to me and said, ‘We have some concerns about June 13.’ I didn’t even know what ‘June 13’ was. He had to remind me there had been this problem at the Kelly House. He felt people needed to know when reports are not done accurately, people need to know.” Harp said she agrees with Chief Esserman that allegations of police misconduct need to be investigated.

“For some reason, the fact that police went up to secure the [apartment] was never in record,” Harp said. The chief “just wants whoever did that on the force—to make sure it’s in the formal record.”

“The public has got to have confidence that everything that happens is in the public record,” she said.

Harp said the existence of the investigation does not suggest police did anything untoward. “All we want is for there to be transparency and for there to be a written record.”

Meanwhile, police union President Louis Cavaliere Jr. said Tuesday that he is “supporting the officers. I feel right now from what I know there was no wrongdoing.” He said officers were ordered today to write supplemental reports about the incident. He suggested the officers might have been “confused” when writing reports on June 13.

Melissa Bailey contributed reporting.

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posted by: RhyminTyman on June 24, 2014  2:36pm

I see Harp now has hear chance to go after Stratton. Even if they find nothing wrong now everyone know the true reason behind Stratton’s resignation. The public shaming can now begin.

posted by: BetweenTwoRocks on June 24, 2014  2:46pm

So much for the whole “Stratton is just sick of the system” narrative…

posted by: Elizabethaiken on June 24, 2014  2:48pm

Here come the vultures.

posted by: BillSaunders1 on June 24, 2014  2:52pm

The plot thickens…..

posted by: Jonathan Hopkins on June 24, 2014  2:55pm

This article might be more appropriate here:

I can see its relevance if Stratton had run his campaign based on family values and were still in office, but he didn’t and he isn’t - he resigned. What he does or has done is no longer relevant because he is not in a position of public service any longer. The Anthony Weiner coverage had more legitimacy because he was actually still running for office when the stories broke.

posted by: FacChec on June 24, 2014  3:06pm

So, the date of this incident (June 13) actually preceded the article of June 23rd (yesterday) reporting of Stratton’s resignation… for family reasons, yea right.

Apparently Stratton was having an extramarital affair with a twenty year old woman who felt smitten by the breakup and who admittedly put a beat down on Stratton.

Good that Stratton did not hit the woman, even in his defense.

But there are two outstanding questions besides Esserman’s investigation concerning the actions of his officers that remain

1. If the 2nd set of officers found drugs, why wasn’t the woman and or Stratton arrested for drugs?

2. Why is Mayor Harp commenting on an incomplete report without all the facts?

Harp said:
“For some reason, the fact that police went up to secure the [apartment] was never in record,” Harp said. The chief “just wants whoever did that on the force—to make sure it’s in the formal record.”

“The public has got to have confidence that everything that happens is in the public record,” she said.

Harp said the existence of the investigation does not suggest police did anything untoward. “All we want is for there to be transparency and for there to be a written record.”

These are all statements the Chief could have and should have made to the public, not the Mayor. Sounds like she is taking a cheap shot while he is already down.

As for Stratton, if his resignation sounded too good to be true, it was!

posted by: robn on June 24, 2014  3:06pm

I’ll say the same thing I did during the Lewinsky affair. They’re consenting adults; and I don’t care.

posted by: markcbm on June 24, 2014  3:21pm

I feel bad for my comment yesterday assuming Stratton was just sick of politics.  I’m sorry he felt he had to leave the BOA under these circumstances; like Robn said, two consenting adults… But if it helps mend things at home, so be it.

posted by: connecticutcontrarian on June 24, 2014  3:51pm

This crossed the line from just being about 2 consenting adults when at least one of themm chose to assault another.  The arbitrary way in which domestic violence is handled in this state is a major issue. There have been at least 4 reported murders this year that resulted from domestic disturbances. Most of which had previously involved calls for help to law enforcement that were met with varying degrees of attention. And before you give me the “lovers quarrel” scenario ask yourself how people would react to the charge that the man in the situation had been the aggressor. .

posted by: Eddie on June 24, 2014  3:52pm

Mike Stratton’s personal issues are his own to address.  Of course, he shouldn’t receive special treatment from the police, and I hope that wasn’t the case.  But these stories once again underscore the complete and utter biases of so many in the NHI commentariat.  According to Robn’s analysis the “suburban machine” has so much power, it actually caused this domestic dispute; his ability to read conspiracy into any event seems to have no end.  Even now, Noteworthy finds blame with Harp and Perez.  His blinders are on so tight they would give a carriage horse claustrophobia.

posted by: webblog on June 24, 2014  3:53pm

TO: Elizabethaiken:

1. posted by: Elizabethaiken on June 23, 2014 8:25pm

“To Webblog, I am one of Alder Stratton’s constituents and I am neither bewildered or befuddled. I am simply sorry that Alder Stratton’s personal responsibilities prevent him from continuing in office”.

What say you now Elizabethaiken,

2. posted by: Elizabethaiken on June 24, 2014 2:48pm

“Here come the vultures”.

Not the Vultures, it is the chickens coming home to roast!

Pluck that!!

posted by: Jonathan Hopkins on June 24, 2014  4:25pm


So the reason this incident received a lengthy article on the main page of the New Haven Independent and not a sentence on the sidebar as part of a weekly crime report is because domestic violence is a serious issue? I think it received this kind of coverage because one of the people involved is a former-outspoken political figure. If anything, this article is using the issue of domestic violence to print a sensational article about a polarizing figure in local politics. It’s not the commenters that you should be annoyed with, but the article.

I very much doubt if anyone still thinks that Stratton resigned for reasons having to do with political opposition to him after reading this article. The point about Harp that others are making is that she would have said “no comment” if this article were about one of her supporters, but because it was Stratton, she seems adamant about knowing every single thing that happened that night, which likely isn’t for purposes of transparency but for ammunition against Stratton and public embarrassment.

posted by: HhE on June 24, 2014  4:31pm

Eddie, in reference to this article and this issue, robn’s post was “I’ll say the same thing I did during the Lewinsky affair. They’re consenting adults; and I don’t care.”  Noteworthy has not commented here.  I opine that putting words into people’s mouth is bad form.

posted by: Eddie on June 24, 2014  5:07pm

Stratton resigns.  Without waiting for facts or context:

Robn declares, “I’m not surprised because any rational person would be driven mad, banging their head against the concrete wall of the suburban union machine which owns city hall.”

Noteworthy claims, “1. Mike Stratton faced reality and didn’t like what he saw, what it holds for the future and regrettably, decided it just wasn’t worth it given the toll on his business and his family.”

Even when the context becomes clear, Noteworthy just sees another excuse to attack Harp and Perez, but it now looks like his/her comment has been withdrawn by Paul. 

As I said, Robn’s ability to read conspiracy into any event is seemingly without limit.  Noteworthy’s blinders are on so tight they would give a carriage horse claustrophobia. 

Paul, there comes a point when you have to question if such comments are contributing to a public dialogue in any positive way.

posted by: Champ358 on June 24, 2014  5:59pm

After reading this article that describes the assault and the comments by the Mayor and the Chief of Police, I am surprised by the comments of the supporters of Mr. Stratton. They are blaming the publicity that this incident produced on the Mayor?

I agree that Mr. Stratton should be allowed to figure out his personal scene without being unduly singled out but the fact that he went out of his way to be such a loud and publicity seeking individual makes him a fair issue for a news report. To now blame others (NHI, Mayor, CoP) is laughable and an example of using offense as his best defense.

posted by: connecticutcontrarian on June 24, 2014  5:59pm

So the man who claims he resigned because being an Alder interfered with his personal and family commitments now has the time to run for Mayor? What a difference 24 hours make. Perhaps the good esquire hired a new assistant and house staff to help him better balance his competing commitments. Or maybe this guy is little more than a political opportunist whose ego seems to be more important than actually advancing the interests of the people he claims are overlooked. What say ye People’s Caucus?

posted by: webblog on June 24, 2014  6:03pm

Another reversal By Stratton, now running for Mayor because he believes Harp is out to get him. This whole saga is getting a bit much; Stratton is compounding his errors and digging a deeper hole. When you’re in trouble, shut up, you have the right to remain silent.

I spoke to a friend of mine who believes that Stratton is spending too much time under the sun lamp, and believes his erratic behavior could be an indication he is stressing.

Let’s hope he’s only stressing.

posted by: cedarhillresident! on June 24, 2014  6:23pm

Personally I would love it if he ran. And as I can see by the comments the unite folks are already starting.

Go for it Mike.

posted by: HhE on June 24, 2014  6:36pm

Now that we have lost streever and curious, the yeomen work of Brutus2011, Jonathan Hopkins, and Ceaderhillresident aside, robn remains the best poster of all.  If Mr. Bass wishes to consider banning certain posters, perhaps he ought to start with those make specious arguments regularly, display an arrogance that is truly galling, or feel the need to unjustly question the integrity of other posters.  Whatever the case, it is hardly an imperative, no more than the Democratic Party is sacrosanct.

posted by: getyourfactstraight on June 24, 2014  7:35pm

Oh boy, lost some serious respect for Stratton. How can you go from January to April and have your marriage so disrupted over aldermanic duties. Maybe after a year or so there maybe a situation that develops, maybe. I think that was a cover up for having an affair and his wife found out. I truly hope I am wrong, I had a lot of respect for him. Now not so much.
As far as Harp, who knows?  Did she plot or not? Who cares. She had enough to be embarrassed about herself when she was running and now that she is mayor with some of her choices and so on.

posted by: Jonathan Hopkins on June 24, 2014  8:05pm

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I can’t stop laughing - this is so bizarre. Hahahahahaha. I think we found those cojones that Xavier kept talking about last mayoral campaign, but I’m afraid they didn’t belong to Fernandez…..

posted by: cedarhillresident! on June 24, 2014  8:12pm


Reminder weed has been decriminalized. And is now legal in 2 states and is will be legal in several other states within the year.

posted by: ElmCity Jim on June 24, 2014  8:51pm

It seems odd that the mayor was notified before this became public knowledge.  I no longer see the Police Blotter in the Independent or the Register.  Yet, from the article, it appears that the mayor knew of the event quite early.  I can certainly understand it if the mayor is informed of any type of event that has the potential for escalating into a major event for the city but I doubt that the mayor is informed of every domestic violence incident that occurs in the City.  Why was the mayor notified by the chief prior to all reports being submitted etc…

posted by: BillSaunders1 on June 24, 2014  10:15pm

Maybe Mayor Harp should be less concerned about omissions, and more concerned with the outright lies that show up in police reports.

posted by: cp06 on June 24, 2014  10:43pm

If it weren’t for the affair with the 20 year old kid, this would have been an interesting development and not just political entertainment.

If the illicit affair and questionable decision making weren’t an issue, the question remains, can Stratton be a leader if he gives up and quits when things are hard and he doesn’t get his way?

Also, good point @connecticutcontrarian, “So the man who claims he resigned because being an Alder interfered with his personal and family commitments now has the time to run for Mayor? What a difference 24 hours make. ”

posted by: BillSaunders1 on June 25, 2014  1:43am

Despite a ‘questionable’ decision on Mike’s part, he did have the grace to bow out, as to not make it a public mockery.

That Mayor Harp was apprised of the situation early, tells me that Alderman Stratton was certainly apprised of that potential.

God, The Machine Loves This Stuff!!!

posted by: Theodora on June 25, 2014  5:26am

I’m gonna go ahead and say what should be said. A 48-year-old man hooking up with a girl a year or two out of high school lacks decency and would be unfit to represent others.

posted by: Optional on June 25, 2014  9:48am

Not a big fan of Harp.

Not a big fan of Stratton.

They both could use a lesson in humility.

In my experience Stratton’s bluster rolled over dissenting opinions like a steamroller and he always seemed (to feel) that he was the most intelligent, most qualified person in the room and that no one else had an opinion that mattered, especially the “people"for which he was caucusing. He had and has ZERO people skills and I suspect a Stratton administration would be as inaccessible in real terms as the Harp administration is shaping up to be. Simply because he is willing to stand up to UNITE does not qualify him to be mayor.

As evidenced by the timing of the announcement Mike Stratton hasn’t a humble bone in his body, arrogance does not a responsive mayor make.

As to the alleged political machinations behind Harp’s comments, does anyone really care? We’ve seen it all before on several occasions, both locally and nationally, duly note it and tuck it away when the next election cycle arrives.

posted by: Brutus2011 on June 25, 2014  9:54am

I would like to offer this article for a perspective as to perhaps why an elected and outspoken representative such as Alder Stratton would be so transparently “outed” in an attempt to discredit him by the municipal government of this city:

I leave you to your own conclusions.

posted by: beyonddiscussion on June 25, 2014  10:38am

This is crazy stuff and hurts the city.My hope is that after this resignation the city can now focus on dealing with its real issues. I also hope that Stratton can find peace and heal both personally and in his family life.

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on June 25, 2014  10:59am

posted by: Brutus2011 on June 25, 2014 9:54am

I would like to offer this article for a perspective as to perhaps why an elected and outspoken representative such as Alder Stratton would be so transparently “outed” in an attempt to discredit him by the municipal government of this city:

I leave you to your own conclusions.


posted by: JohnTulin on June 25, 2014  11:40am

Very erratic behavior at minimum, which doesn’t help the mayoral hopes.  Its almost like Rob Ford, minus the crack.  Almost.

posted by: cellardoor on June 25, 2014  12:44pm

Any hope that this story will be recognized for the sad clinical situation that it is and people can move on to looking for a mayoral candidate who is:  bright, well-informed, deliberative,  diplomatic, temperate, continent and committed to all the people of this city—those who are poor and struggling as well as those who are burdened by the weight of fiscal mismanagement and carrying the bulk of property taxes?  A person who is not overly beholden to special interests, especially those outside of this city?  A person who does not assume that disagreement equals dark conspiracy?

Last year I thought that person might be Justin Elicker, but I haven’t heard that he would consider running again.  This year it has become increasingly clear that that person is neither Tony Harp nor suffering Mike Stratton. I hope Mike’s friends are able to persuade him that he is not the right person to run for mayor:  he could serve only as a spoiler.

posted by: HewNaven on June 25, 2014  6:23pm

Amen to Bill Saunders. How many of us have read police reorts with outright lies written all over the page?  Harp is concerned now because a political opponent is involved? Where has she been for the last 30 years of NHPD history?

All the characters in this play have yet to undergo a transformative experience that would usher them into the adult world. But they are putting on a great show.  *eats popcorn*

posted by: BillSaunders1 on June 26, 2014  3:16am

Amen, Hew Naven!

posted by: McMansion man on June 26, 2014  10:55am

It appears that the Chief if pandering to the Mayor.  Why else would he inform her of the probe.  Unless he informs her of every probe?

posted by: Brewski on June 26, 2014  11:44am

Just what New Haven needs. Another hot-head who launches into a political campaign because of a personal squabble.

posted by: Ravenclaw on June 26, 2014  4:00pm

The bottom line is that the City has lost an energetic, knowledgeable advocate. The more vitriolic commentators are people who have hated Mr. Stratton for his outspoken nature for months now. Just go back and review comments from older posts about the city budget and so forth. Same names, same tendency to warp the truth if it will damage the gadfly.

A man (or woman) getting involved in a short-lived and volatile love affair while in the midst of a marital break-up is only “news” within his (or her) own circle of acquaintance. Except that Americans love to be hypocritical about one another’s sex lives.

It seems unlikely that this is some kind of conspiracy against Mr. Stratton, but that’s the sort of question the Independent ought to investigate.

posted by: mstratton on June 26, 2014  9:53pm

New Haven residents need to wake up and advocate for their city. What I found is horrifying. 112 Million in unapproved and unsubstantiated payments to education annually. No city or town does this and it equals 50 percent of our tax collections. Then there are clear misrepresentations of per pupil spending by the superintendent. The people and state dept of Ed are told its 16,000 a year when it’s 24,000 a year. New haven is number one on oer pupil spending then there is the bargaining away of our pilot funds by the new haven delegation to the tune of 50-60 million a year. We could transform our city in one term if we addressed these issues. Our crime rate would fall; our people would be employed; our kids would have real opportunity; and our taxes would be cut by 33-50 percent. Now I found all this and the machine fought me every step of the way. My error I underestimated the strength of the current machine. Without a cross city coalition the machine cannot be beat. My life was made a misery for months but I endured until the final budget vote. Now I must pick up the pieces of the personal damage done to me. I recognized this and did the right thing and resigned. It was not a permanent retreat. It is a time for me to take care of what matters most: my kids.
There is no shame in me dating people who are different than me. And I acted with honor and honesty and kindness. My arrogance or shame is that I thought I could play david to the machines Goliath. That’s hubris. So Once the dust settles from months of abuse done to me personally, I hope to build an enduring coalition of residents who will completely transform this city. It is too easy to take out one person. I am tough but I am also a free spirit. I don’t live life to protect myself from criticism. And I can’t tolerate a middle class morality which insists that we all act and conform to the same standards. I will date who I want to and I will say what I believe. And I will do so with an open heart.

posted by: robn on June 27, 2014  9:04am



1) Stratton didn’t commit domestic violence as your writing conveniently suggests.
2) The domestic violence came from the other party after the relationship ended.
3) You’re another person’s kid and surely that doesn’t grant you a bye for indiscretions or illegal acts.

posted by: Eddie on June 27, 2014  12:22pm

Stratton unapologetically established a relationship with someone who is nearly the same age as his own kids.  Now she faces domestic violence charges, and Stratton wants respect for prioritizing his family.  Yet according to him and his merry band of apologists, he is the victim, the martyr, and the hero.  “The machine” is responsible for all of his reckless behavior and personal problems.  Incredibly, this has become their cause that will unite a coalition across New Haven.  What a truly inspiring movement it will be.

posted by: HhE on June 28, 2014  12:27am

Eddie, I cannot speak for others, but I suspect they think much as I do.  Victim?  Of an assault, yes, but no more.  As a martyr?  No.  Hero?  Absolutely.  Mike undertook the good fight, knowing that the finical cost to him in lost hours would be significant, but he got stuck in, standing up to waste and corruption.  I also think Justin Elicker is a hero, and Jeffery Kerakies. 

For the extreme underclass of New Haven, punitive taxes and waste are perhaps of no great concern.  They do not pay taxes on cars they do not own, and the property tax that they would pay indirectly to a landlord is typically paid for by Section * or some other program.  For the well off of New Haven, the taxes may be steep, but they are hardly destructive.  When my Father got his first tax bill after the reevaluation, he thought, wow that is high, and then he paid it without blinking.  Or rather, Chris did, because he does not actually write cheques, but rather has someone who does. 

No, it’s the working classes and middle classes who suffer:  people in East Rock who said “no” to white flight, and charged in the other direction, who are now being taxed out of their homes, and people in my area who now have to cut back on enrichment for their children and healthy food choices. 

Easy to support the machine and all that when one is in on the extraction of wealth from New Haven, or if one is a PhD candidate who treats our politics as a lab.  It begs the questions:  do you own a house here, are you raising children here, and if New Haven fails, what harm will come to you? 

How wrong your understand of us is.  We who are committed to a better New Haven, one with far less waste and no more corruption, will rally behind most anyone who will fight the Good Fight.

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on June 28, 2014  5:34pm

posted by: mstratton on June 26, 2014 9:53pm

My error I underestimated the strength of the current machine. Without a cross city coalition the machine cannot be beat.

Cross city coalition will not help.The only hope is we the people must fight for Term Limits,Replace Town Committees wit IRV voting and Proportional Represntation.

posted by: Christopher Schaefer on June 29, 2014  5:46am

Stratton: “the machine fought me every step of the way. My error I underestimated the strength of the current machine. Without a cross city coalition the machine cannot be beat…I hope to build an enduring coalition of residents who will completely transform this city.”
Fighting “The Machine” that has controlled local politics via cronyism is certainly something that many of us have longed for these many years. Yet, when I look at the campaign contributors of one of the most entrenched members of La Machine—Rosa DeLauro—the first thing that I notice is that nearly half of her contributors aren’t even CT residents, but out-of-state PAC power brokers:
The SECOND thing I notice is that Michael Stratton’s law firm donated $2500 to Rosa “La Machine” DeLauro in 2012:;=&sort=A&cycle=2012
AND another $38,800 to the DCCC
The DCCC uses this money to hire DeLauro’s husband, Stanley Greenberg, as a “consultant”—thereby using a legal loophole to funnel campaign contributions directly into DeLauro’s own pocket—whereby she has become one of the 50 wealthiest members of Congress:
Actions—and money—speak louder than words. “Peoples” caucus?

posted by: FirstAndForeMost on June 30, 2014  3:45am

The thing that sticks out the most for me is the comment the 20 year old made that Stratton set up this address during his bid for the BOA seat. Was this really not about a 20 year old being naive to the fact that she was being used for political gain. I am confused why Stratton would even consider running for mayor when he had proven that he will back down. Didn’t he resign his BOA seat?