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EyeShow: The Complete Gallery

by | Feb 1, 2013 11:26 am

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Posted to: Arts & Culture, Visual Arts

Over the past year, nine local artists have made work especially for exhibition by the New Haven Independent—and created a virtual gallery show.

In those contributions, as my original invitation phrased it, “New Haven does not have to be the literal subject, but there should be something about the piece that reveals it could only have been imagined here, and that it might not otherwise have been made if the artist had not received this invitation.”

As a finale to the project, and with thanks to the contributors, all the submitted pieces are gathered here for the complete virtual gallery, with links to the original articles for background information.

EyeShow no 1: Susan Clinard

Courtesy of the artist EyeShow no 2: Insook Hwang

Courtesy of the artist EyeShow no 3: Kim Mikenis

Courtesy of the artist EyeShow no 4: Jeff Ostergren

Laura Marsh

EyeShow no 5: Laura Marsh

Debbie Hesse EyeShow no 6: Debbie Hesse

Keith Johnson Photo EyeShow no 7: Howard el-Yasin

Video still by Phil Lique EyeShow no 8: Phil Lique

EyeShow no 9: Mark Williams


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