Gateway Garage Will Close Saturdays

The Gateway Community College garage will be closed on Saturdays until further notice, as a cost-saving measure.

Saturday classes at Gateway begin last week. Students in those classes can park free in the Temple Street Garage, next to the Gateway garage.

“We remain conscientious about using our resources wisely,” Gateway President Dorsey Kendrick said in a release. “And after assessing the situation, we concluded that this measure will yield significant savings with minimal inconvenience to our weekend students.”

Gateway expects the move to save about $20,000 per semester.

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posted by: Brian Tang on January 31, 2014  12:57pm

I think there needs to be a larger public discussion of the public resources being devoted to checking IDs and directing traffic arriving from the suburbs at the Gateway garage. The garage entrance was designed to be fully automated, with electronic card readers controlling the automated gates. Why is this equipment not being used? The personnel costs here are huge. If that cost cannot be avoided, it should be borne by the people actually creating the need (suburban drivers) rather than being spread across the Gateway student body and taxpayers in general.

posted by: smackfu on January 31, 2014  3:24pm

Agreed that its surprising that all the New Haven garages have personnel, often 24/7.  A lot of other cities get by just fine with a ticket machine.

posted by: Shaggybob on January 31, 2014  4:22pm

Because there isn’t a shortage of parking in New Haven ? I’m confused, how is it the college has a garage dedicated to their use yet isn’t going to use it, but instead use the public garage taking up spaces that could be used for income. What part of the story am I missing??
Something is amiss.
Also, how does this help in the overall scheme of attracting more people into town for business and entertainment, won’t they need to park until we can repair the inadequate transit system?