posted by: Anderson Scooper on January 30, 2017  10:05am

Live, Work, Learn, Play’s website still states that construction is planned to “start Spring 2015”.

Obviously, that didn’t happen. And at this point it’s pretty clear it won’t begin in 2017 either. What is going on? Why did the City, (under DeStefano), lock itself into LWLP without any assurances the project will ever get built? Is there a way to get out of the supposed 17-year option that was given to Reim’s group, in exchange for, well…. nothing?

Honestly, if LWLP is going to just land-bank these two city blocks, something is really amiss here.

@ NHI—Anyway to get a look at the actual terms of the deal?

posted by: William Kurtz on May 8, 2017  10:40am

Can we time-shift the questions, like we can with the listening (via the podcast) and just ask them here?

Can we please get some clarification on when at least </i> one</i> of the promised protected bike lanes will be ready? Since 2013, there have been three highly-vaunted ‘first protected bike lanes’, none of which is actually complete:

1. The Tomlinson Bridge, proposed and I believe designed in 2013

2. Edgewood Avenue, designed, funded and reportedly not even due to begin construction until August.

3. Long Wharf Drive—painted but with no delineators as of yet.

Can we get some clarification or assurances that these are actually going to happen? With the imminent destruction of the Vision Trail it seems especially important.