Lt. Easter Bunny Visits The Hill

The Easter Bunny showed up in the Hill Friday afternoon, complete with long, furry, white rabbit ears—and a police uniform.

The ears and the uniform belong to Lt. Holly Wasilewski, the host of an annual Easter party in her Hill North policing district. (Wasilewski is pictured with her god-daughter, Aubrey, whose mom she got to know 12 years ago in Church Street South.)

On Friday, Wasilewski oversaw an afternoon of Easter activities for kids, including pizza, birdhouse painting, egg decoration, raffles, and candy collection. It was just the latest of many neighborhood activities organized by Wasilewski, who is known as one of the most community-minded cops in the department. Wasilewski and other organizers paid for the Easter event out of their own pockets.

Dozens of kids and parents gathered at the police substation on Hallock Avenue to take part in the festivities. Firefighters brought Truck 2 from Howard Avenue for kids to admire, a service offered by new fire Chief Allyn Wright.

At a table nearby, Officer Caitlin Zerella helped 3-year-old Zoe Frasier paint a birdhouse to match her hoody.

Another table was set up for decorating eggs.

Wasilewski taped off a section of the parking lot for an in-plain-sight candy hunt. Carmella Ricciardelli, who helped organize the event, scattered lollipops, plastic Easter eggs, and chocolates.

Children waited outside the tape, until the signal ...

... then scrambled to collect ...

... as much candy as possible.

Inside the substation, a variety of prized awaited raffling. Raffle tickets were free.

After a first group of kids picked the pavement clean of candy, Ricciardelli started spreading more for a second round for older kids. The candy kept flowing.

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posted by: JustAnotherTaxPayer on April 18, 2014  6:11pm

Nice Job Holly. It’s a shame your Chief fears women who are strong in character, work ethic, morality, and ethics. But you know whatever everyone else thinks, the negatives have to be ignored to neutralize them, and conserve your energy and efforts on the tasks at hand, to manifest the good intentions you go out on the street with everyday. Glad you became a New Haven cop and glad you stayed, and glad you did get promoted.

posted by: RevKev on April 19, 2014  12:22pm

Carmella Ricciardelli is one of New Haven’s unsung heroes. For years she has quietly gone throughout the city quietly bringing joy to kids with her arts and crafts tables and projects. I don’t know who funds her but everyone who sees her should thank her.

As to Lt Holly… we all know she’s a great person but she’s a pretty good cop too. Loved by the community. Feared by the bad folks. Respected by all.

posted by: Senior Lady on April 19, 2014  6:29pm

Holly is the best.she knows everyone in her district and treats everyone with respect.  Cant wait for her to become the fiirst female chiefb.

posted by: cupojoe on April 19, 2014  8:32pm

candy candy candy = diabetes diabetes diabetes!!!