Woman, 25, Attacked In Home Invasion

Police were on the scene interviewing witnesses in Wooster Square Thursday morning following a reported attack on a woman in her home.

Here’s what happened, according to police spokesman Officer David Hartman:

Cops responded to a call at 3:58 a.m. about the attack, in a basement apartment on Academy Street. They found the woman, who’d been beaten by an intruder, with “wounds to her face and head.”

She was “rushed to Yale-New Haven Hospital for treatment,” where she was originally listed in critical condition. By 8 a.m., she was “up and speaking with investigators.”

Members of the department’s Bureau of Identification were on the scene collecting evidence. Detectives from the Robbery-Burglary Unit spoke with neighbors.

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posted by: dew21 on July 13, 2017  9:04am

My heart goes out to the victim, and I wish her a speedy and full recovery. I lived on that corner for years, and while summer time does tend to have an uptick in crime, it had been getting better the last few years following great strides by NHPD and a few local community groups.

Have those efforts been reduced? Are there no longer police officers patrolling in the evenings/night time?

posted by: Acer on July 13, 2017  9:54am

My deepest concern for Academy Street resident and a much hoped for speedy recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I also lived for several years on Academy Street in the early 1980’s. A similar incident occurred to my neighbor in her basement apartment. With time, family and close friends, my neighbor moved well beyond this unfortunate incident. Academy Street, Court Street, the park and the Wooster Square area were (and remain) a beautiful, wonderful place to live. City living has many positives, but one must always keep a watchful eye. Stay safe.

posted by: Dwightstreeter on July 13, 2017  10:29am

This predator likely checked the location out before he broke in. And he’ll be looking for his next victim until he’s caught.
People with fire escapes should also secure their windows and doors.
Right now there is scaffolding in back of the condo building on Court St. between Orange and State and 2 young white males were seen using it to access the backs of the smaller brick buildings on Orange St between Chapel and Court until a neighbor called out to them and they fled.

posted by: Frank Columbo on July 13, 2017  12:31pm

Yes Acer We knew about a woman assaulted, also occupying a basement apartment in that same building.  This occurred in the summer of 1977-78.  Neighbors gathered around her unit after calling police in the wee small hours and could hear her screaming while being assaulted.  It seemed an eternity before the cops arrived, but they got the perp.

Court street residents(between Academy and Olive street, were accustomed to uninvited guests via their fire escapes. So window bars were mandatory.

posted by: Frank Columbo on July 13, 2017  5:11pm

Curious to know about the 911 call.  Other media reports caller stating “Burglary in Progress”. Was the 911 caller a resident of the building, or a passerby dog-walking, jogging, going to work?  How would someone know it was a burglary in progress???  Ahh perhaps they saw the Uninvited breaking in. Hmmmm….  The woman was seriously beaten so I assume there was noise, shouting, screaming, objects being moved, so a burglary-seriously!?!?

Assuming caller saw the “Burgler”, Caller needs to provide detailed description to police. Another thing-
What was the police response time?

There was Police activity at the Olive Street Cranberry Condos at the intersection of Greene Street this past Sunday morning around 10:am.  Several units arrived and were seen mulling about the first floor end section nearest Greene St. and around back in parking lot. No citizen was observed so I assume this was an alarm response, no ambulance on site. Cops left no subsequent drama to our knowledge.

Remember Kids, always question authority. There was a movie back in the 80’s with Jeff Bridges, Glenn Close, Robert Loggia, re a San Francisco newspaper mogul whose wife is brutally murdered, husband Prime Suspect. However similar crimes twice committed prior to his wife’s, so defense attorney GC mines that creating reasonable doubt.  SPOILER ALERT -

He gets off, she falls in love belatedly realizing she’s been Sleeping with the Enemy.  This is a familiar strategy, played out in real life. A series of similar criminal incidents occur to muddy the waters, eclipsing   the intended Victim.  If that’s accurate expect more Wooster Square/East Rock drama!