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by | Jan 22, 2013 12:10 pm

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DataHaven In New Haven, at least, online is king when it comes to local news.

That finding comes from a newly-released regional “community wellbeing” survey conducted by the number-crunching outfit DataHaven on behalf of the United Way of Greater New Haven and the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven. (Read all about that interesting survey here.)

The survey asked 1,307 randomly selected Greater New Haven to identify their “most used source for local information.”

Print newspapers still outperformed internet news outlets and TV in the suburbs. (See above chart.)

But in the city limits? The outcome wasn’t even close. A clear plurality (36 percent) gets its news most of all online, compared to 23 percent for print, 21 percent for TV, and 8 percent for radio.

Another 7 percent go the most traditional route: word of mouth.


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