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Kaczor Tops The List

by | Jan 28, 2014 4:08 pm

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Posted to: Legal Writes

Paul Bass Photo Officer John Kaczor (pictured) is first in line to make detective, with David Acosta and Joshua Kyle right behind him.

Those three names are at the top of the new promotions eligibility list approved unanimously by the Civil Service Commission Tuesday afternoon. The three men score the highest on a November promotions exam.

The commission voted unanimously to approve the list, after personnel director Noelia Marcano explained that the results showed no evidence of testing bias.

Of the 19 cops who took the test, 17 passed by earning a score of more than 70 percent.

The police department will now go through an internal process to determine how many to promote, given the more than 17 vacancies in the detective rank, and the shortage of patrol officers.

Those 17 cops (and test scores) are:

1. John Kaczor 86.90
2. David Acosta Jr 85.01
3. Joshua Kyle 84.12
4. Curtis Miller 81.03
5. Kealyn Nivakoff 80.93
6. Pedro Colon 78.38
7. Shayna Kendall 78.05
8. Brian DiAnge 77.27
9. Brian McDermott 76.56
10. Joseph Landisio 76.04
11. Juan Monzon 75.04
12. Leonardo Soto 74.83
13. Walter Flegler 74.08
14. Michael Defonzo 73.73
15. Ann Salamon 73.37
16. Juan Ingles 72.56
17. Ronald Perry 70.12

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posted by: honest joe on February 1, 2014  3:01pm

Congratulations to all the New Haven Finest in passing the test. Good job Curtis. I have a question to the to all in New Haven. Knowing the history of the police dept with their promotions in the past. It has been said that the dept is short about 20 or more detectives and 17 passed the test. Is the Chief planning to promote all that passed or is he going to play around and only promote who he likes. I would like to see what happens.

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