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New Haven ranks as one of “American’s best small cities on the rise,” according to this article in Smarter Travel.

Never heard of Smarter Travel?

That’s OK. Believe it or not, some people haven’t heard of New Haven, either.

In case you’re wondering, Smart Travel is “the largest online travel resource for unbiased travel news, deals, and timely expert advice.” According to Smart Travel. Which discovered ... ready? .... Pepe’s and Louis’ Lunch.

Good enough to merit a City Hall press release Monday celebrating the mention. Unlike, say, those rankings listing New Haven as a top crime city or a super-unfriendly place. We know those ranking are all bunk. Right?

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posted by: THREEFIFTHS on July 21, 2014  3:27pm

The only thing on the rise in the City of New Haven is higher taxes and the gentrification and charter school vampires moving in.

posted by: DrFeelgood on July 21, 2014  4:32pm

Good point, and if this is able to continue it will become an even better city.

posted by: LookOut on July 21, 2014  10:27pm

Yes - gentrification is probably the reason for an ‘on the rise’ ranking.  How can we accelerate this and build our tax base?

posted by: Scott Healy on July 22, 2014  1:36am

Though any “on the rise” accolade for New Haven is well-deserved, I had to laugh at the photo that accompanies New Haven’s descriptor. There’s a mother wading in the water and dipping her diapered baby in the fountain around the flagpole on the Green—the same fountain that strictly prohibits such behavior. And if I remember correctly, it’s just that kind of unsanctioned activity that shuts that fountain down now and again due to unhealthy bacteria levels. I have to say, I always thought the Green deserved a more impressive and grand fountain—or at least one that recirculates and filters water in a way that might allow hands-on experience of it. I love the Green, and I love that the Proprietors protect it vigorously. But as a city, we could build on the history of the Green and still work to create a more joyful, spontaneous, colorful and memorable place.

posted by: cedarhillresident! on July 22, 2014  2:25pm

I want to know if the pro gentrification people in the comment section would say this out loud to people…or do they just do it under a fake name.

You do realize that gentrification gets rid of the working class, lower and middle class most times. A city can not get rid of the ultra poor (federal laws will not let that happen) So you will have the very very poor and the very well off….and as hartford can vouch….that does not work….hartford is fighting to get the blue collar and middle class back….because the crime skyrocketed when they took the path that New Haven is taking…be careful what you wish for.

I agree with Threefifths…and I am slowly coming across others in New Haven (blue collars) that are starting to see it to.

And this says staff so this ways most likely submitted by a paid city cheerleader.

posted by: DrFeelgood on July 22, 2014  5:07pm

Gentrification does not get rid of the middle class and does not get rid of classes completely.  If you have noticed, people who used to live in the suburbs are now moving to New Haven because they are no longer as afraid of the crime as they used to (at least downtown).  Because of this influx of people many new businesses are starting to open again and fill vacant buildings, as well as many residential developers willing to spend money in this city.  Would you rather it stay all poor, cheap and dangerous?