Man Stabbed To Death At APT Clinic

A fatal stabbing took place Saturday at the APT Foundation’s Congress Avenue methadone clinic, which neighbors and cops blame for running down the neighborhood.

Officers were called the clinic, which is down the street from the John C. Daniels School, at 10:35 a.m. “after it was reported someone there had been stabbed during a fight,” police spokesman Officer David Hartman wrote in a release.

EMTs rushed the victim, Keith Wylie, 51, of Stanley Street, to Yale-New Haven, where he died from his wounds a half hour later.

Witnesses offered a description of a suspect to police, who subsequently arrested a 33-year-old Chapel Street man and charged him with first-degree manslaughter.

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posted by: DeanWhite on October 9, 2017  11:17am

I can almost bet that because the stabbing death occurred at a methadone clinic the"APT FOUNDATION” that people will automatically think that somehow everyone who goes to a methadone clinic is a bad person that’s a drug addicted menace. When in reality the overwhelming majority of people who attend these clinics are everyday hard working people who happen to have a disease called addiction and are there for treatment the same way you would treat any other disease. So when something bad occurs near or in the vicinity of a methadone clinic the public automatically assumes that the methadone clinic itself is to blame. When in reality I have inside information that neither the victim nor the suspect where even patients at this methadone clinic and I think methadone overall has a very negative stereotype around it until you meet somebody’s people you don’t realize that they are just normal people like you would have in your family search is a cousin of BROTHER or any kind a relative. Strictly speaking from an outsiders perspective that without the “APT FOUNDATION"in the smaller similar clinics these people with the disease of addiction would have no place to go. And I think that would have a dramatic effect on the crime rates in New Haven. The “APT FOUNDATION” saves lives on a weekly basis in the staff there deal with some of the people there other agencies do not want to deal with without the APT FOUNDATION there would be about 6000 drug addicted people with nowhere to go for help.

posted by: Mister F on October 9, 2017  2:57pm

Mr. DeanWhite it is a fact that the perpetrator was a client of the methadone program. Most of the clients that attend the New Haven Methadone Program do not live in New Haven. Majority of the clients come from out of town such as Ansonia, Meriden, E. Haven etc. by the CT Transit Bus. The reason they come to the New Haven Methadone program is because their urine tests positive for illegal drugs or alcohol in their home town. Once that happens the clinic in their home town will not accept them any more and guess where they go, New Haven!  They visit the main clinic on Congress ave., go the package store, urinate on the side of the package store, sell methadone and pills outside of the clinic and they leave alcohol bottles outside on the ground. Due to the John C. Daniels school on the opposite corner, officers are constantly in the area clearing clients from hanging out. There are clients that do work on a daily basis and are clean and sober, and are the same clients that approach officers in the neighborhood with information with clients selling methadone and pills. There have been arrests made by the New Haven Narcotics Unit for this specific reason. After leaving the clinic many clients go the numerous areas of the city to panhandle with cardboard stating they are homeless and hungry causing traffic to back up and car accidents.
The quality of life in New Haven has depleted because of these programs.

posted by: Aliciamt14 on October 9, 2017  9:58pm

Though I understand your opinion, I have to say there is false is formation in your understanding. The reason many individuals come to the APT foundation from outside towns is due to the fact that there is a limited selection of MMT available in Connecticut.Yes there are individuals who sell their methadone but this is a stigmatizing point when considering, in general, this area of New Haven isn’t the best to begin with. That is a busy street, with a lot of traffic, not to mention multiple bus stops by that location, which are not all from clients at the clinic. Blaming the “quality of life in New Haven” being due to the clinics existence is also a moot point. In reality it probably isnt the best location for people seeking recovery and treatment services. Maybe it’s time they open up a facility in a better area or how about offer methadone treatment at doctors offices, of course this won’t happen unfortunately. Also, methadone has saved many lives as well as reduce crime rate involving individuals with substance use disorders, and ya reduced the spread of infectious diseases, as well as helped many become productive members of society. Please don’t add more shame and stigma to a program that does help save many individuals and educate yourself on the facts of MMT prior to commenting.

posted by: ILivehere on October 10, 2017  11:24am

@ Aliciamt14
Mister F Is dead on. While methadone clinics in general are saving lives and are a wonderful thing this particular clinic is a nightmare. Its a constant topic of conversation at all city meetings. They APT foundation refuses to change the this that are hurting the city. The provide more methadone and dispense methadone to people who fail drug test something no other clinic in the state does. As a result patients take the first bus in get high at the apt foundation and camp out at the green until the evening when they go back to the apt foundation and then get the last bus back home. It been an issue for years that they refuse to address. At the very least the could provide a community center for there patients to stay in during the day. If you don’t believe me talk to the Sargent in charge of downtown, the town green, or anyone at city hall. Again Methadone clinics are great the policy of giving methadone to people who are already on drugs in contrast to every other clinic in the state is a massive and preventable problem if only the apt foundation was concerned less with lining there own pockets by collecting patients every other clinic in the state has fired.

posted by: Aliciamt14 on October 10, 2017  12:13pm

Again, unfortunately your information is a bit false. I understand what you are saying and of course there are some good points but again this statement is one of judgement, and stigma. What happens on Congress is not just the methadone clinic. This neighborhood in general isn’t high on police, and government priority list, just like many other urban communities. There are community centers in New Haven for people suffering from SUD and of course there should be more but due to the budget cut this won’t happen and actually it is only going to get worse. Don’t blame the people, blame the system.

posted by: ILivehere on October 10, 2017  12:25pm

And I’d just repeat to you that if APT acted responsibley and by the rules that every single other clinic in the state operates by there would be no issue.

posted by: Aliciamt14 on October 10, 2017  1:09pm

And I will repeat that this is false information you are stating. Please educate yourself.

posted by: ILivehere on October 10, 2017  1:46pm

I’m well educated on this topic as I sit on several boards. My information is directly from top city officials, the police department, as well as other groups that interact with APT. All of them report exactly the same thing and have been reporting it consistently for years. APT refuses to change.

posted by: eastshore on October 10, 2017  2:09pm

So are you suggesting the only people who should receive methadone are those who are not using illicit substances?  The most stable recipients of methadone were not always so stable… it often takes time. The hope in offering methadone is a person will move forward and develop some positive coping skills without the constant need for shorter acting opioids (heroin, fentanyl, oxy) to curb her or his symptoms of withdrawal.  Most people can not move forward while using heroin or pills because the fear of withdrawal dominates the thought process. I would argue these other methadone clinics are more culpable by neglecting the people who need medication the most.  Other clinics deny treatment and APT becomes the safety net.  Also, please remember The APT Foundation is a non-profit entity.

posted by: ILivehere on October 10, 2017  2:36pm

@eastshore even if it makes sense to give someone who is on drugs methadone to start it clearly makes no sense to continue that action months into treatment. Even if you disagree on that point giving people who are high another drug to get them higher and then shutting your front door and telling them to go buy/sell more drugs on the green and then come back at 5:00 so we can get you high on methadone again is pretty poor care. At a minimum they should open a shelter YMCA type building when people can join groups, get counseling, play basketball whatever. Turning the green into a drug recovery room isn’t fair to patients, the city, or it citizens. If there business model is to get rich by importing offenders who have been kicked out of other programs they owe it to society to supervise them while they are intoxicated or release them to the custody of someone not intoxicated just like every other medical office would do after a procedure involving Conscious sedation. Who cares if they are none profit so is Yale whit there 20+ billion dollar bank account. How much do the higher ups get paid at APT i bet its well over 200k a year. Its shameful.

posted by: ShadowBoxer on October 10, 2017  2:40pm

Addiction is a disease but the point is well taken that the New Haven Green has become a loitering ground for this population in the last few years.  These patients come in on the bus, and then spend the remaining hours downtown on the green urinating, littering, spitting, fighting, etc.  The police turn a blind eye precisely because this is now the new norm.  In general, as I have said in numerous other posts, quality of life in downtown has plummeted, be it siren city, the constant deployment of fire engines, homeless encampments, not to mention the proliferation of liquor stores in and around the green, which these users frequent.  Moreover, while Bridgeport is making headway with noise reduction and new buses, New Haven is going the opposite way.  The joke in CT is that New Haven is new Bridgeport. This is sad.

posted by: eastshore on October 10, 2017  4:25pm

All APT clinics stop medicating at 3pm. Also, APT prescribes for maintenance, which is one dose daily. APT does not split doses. If any patient returns to the clinic at 5pm she or he is returning to a closed clinic and certainly not receiving methadone.

posted by: DeanWhite on October 10, 2017  11:49pm

@Ilivehere,  You said that you sit on several boards in the city that makes you privy to a lot of inside info pertaining to the apt foundation and the issues that it is putting on the city. I have a job myself that affords me to be there or out in front the building almost on a daily basis. People that claim to know what there saying always forget to mention Yale and how it is a big sister of the APT FOUNDATION. I work those streets everyday and know a lot of the clients of apt. The fault lies with the city not apt, the only thing I see the city doing is locking people up for loitering out on congress ave and waisting taxpayers money by posting plainclothes officers to do surveillance on a methadone clinic. If you really want to fix an issue it has to start at the area homeless shelters. The overwhelming majority of people hanging out downtown on the green are homeless people who have to be out of the shelters by about 7am. So after they get medicated they have no place to go,would you rather have them on the green or hanging out across from a school all day next to the apt. And secondly when a person goes to apt for there medicine they don’t get high from that,it just keeps them normal and not sick from withdrawals. And by the way there are low level apt employees that should not be working there because those few bad apples are the ones who are facilitating the drug sales out on the sidewalk everyday on congress. Instead of yale keeping quiet as a partner they need to come up with an op that involves providing some facilities for these people to go to from the hours of 8am to 7pm. You can arrest every one hanging out there on congress Ave and the most you can charge them with is loitering in a drug zone because none of these people are ever carrying anything illegal for them to be charged with. There just normal people like you who happen to have a disease called addiction. But don’t get me wrong there are a few bad apples. Nothing more then employees at cityhall

posted by: ILivehere on October 11, 2017  8:04am

Yale absolutely has a huge part to play in this. I agree that its a disease and i don’t blame the patients at all. However I blame APT for locating next to a school something that say a Medical marijuana dispensary would not be allowed to do. I blame APT for importing all the states most difficult patients and then not supervising them for day. On the question of methadone getting you high ill just point you here
but i think anyone who sees the migration from congress to the green knows patients are stoned. As to the city I believe they are doing the best they can within the law and within their finances. New Haven simply can’t afford to be the dumping ground for the entire states social problems. Our mill rate is double what it should be already over 50% of our property is tax exempt like the APT foundation and Yale. Our most valuable resource is being used as a recovery room/bus depot dragging down property values that would have generated much higher taxes to pay services like full time shelters if we could get the transit authority and APT to act responsibly.

posted by: Aliciamt14 on October 11, 2017  10:25am

Some googled resource isn’t enough to persuade people. I have done more research than you know on methadone and just because you sit on a few boards doesn’t mean you know everything. Actually, from hearing you comment you shouldn’t be sitting on these “boards“ at all.

posted by: JMS on October 11, 2017  5:01pm

Lost in this story (and comments) is the fact that the victim was a dedicated 20 year volunteer with a local New Haven youth sports organization and will be sadly missed. RIP Coach Keith.