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Roth Wins Special Election

by | Mar 17, 2014 8:19 pm

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Posted to: Campaign 2014

Allan Appel Photo Abby Roth won a seat on the Board of Alders, and she won a new ally, as well—her election opponent.

Roth, a Democrat active in local issues like traffic-calming and bike-friendly streets, defeated Republican Paul Phillipino in a special election for the Ward 7 alder seat by a vote of 174-19.

Counting a write-in ballot, that means 194 of the ward’s 2,922 registered voters participated in the special election, called to fill a seat vacated by Alder Doug Hausladen, who left to take a job as Mayor Toni Harp’s new transportation tsar. Ward 7 includes downtown and a portion of the East Rock neighborhood.

“I appreciate people showing their support. I look forward to representing the ward well and being a force for positive change and working collaboratively with” her colleagues on the board, Roth said after the tally was announced.

She also said she looks forward to working on neighborhood issues with Phillipino. The two bonded as they stood outside in the frigid air all morning and afternoon and evening waiting for occasional voters outside the 200 Orange St. polling station.

“I want to congratulate Abby. I look forward to getting more involved with her on the community management team,” Phillipino said Monday night.

The two already came up with a public-service idea: finding someone to tell visitors to the government building where they can find what they’re looking for. Throughout the day the pair fielded questions from passers-by like: Where can I get a birth certificate? And:  Where’s the IRS? Where’s social security?

“We were wondering,” Roth said, “who does this when we’re not here?”

Roth, who works as a special assistant to the dean of the Yale School of Management, was asked Monday night how she plans to vote on Mayor Toni Harp’s proposed $511 million new city budget, which includes a 3.8 percent tax increase.

“My current position is I do not support increasing the tax increase. I’ve heard a lot going door to door. people will leave the city and we won’t’ draw new people,” she said.

Where would she find cuts in the budget to prevent the tax increase?

“I’ll look for areas of waste,” she responded. “I’ll have to look more closely t the budget. My instinct is that new people for the mayor’s staff is not money we want to spend. I do support the mayor’s long-term changes” like bolstering the rainy day fund.

An earlier version of this story follows:

Monday Is Election Day

Thomas MacMillan Photo Paul Bass Photo A Republican and a Democrat are actually running against each other in New Haven. And it’s not even November.

The two candidates—Republican Paul Phillipino and Democrat Abby Roth—are running in a special election Monday for alder in Ward 7, which covers downtown and part of East Rock. Alder Doug Hausladen resigned the seat to become Mayor Toni Harp’s transit tsar.

Voters can cast ballots at 200 Orange St. between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. Monday. (If you’re not sure if you live in Ward 7, call the Registrar of Voters office between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday at (203) 946-8035.)

Roth works as a special assistant to the dean of the Yale School of Management. Phillipino works for the Knights of Columbus. Both candidates are arguing that they present an “independent” choice for voters—Phillipino as an alternative to Democrats, Roth as an alternative tot he two party factions currently on the Board of Alders.

Click here to read a story about Phillipino, here to read about Roth.

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posted by: Anderson Scooper on March 16, 2014  8:32pm

187-60 Roth wins, although Phillipino Roth voters in even greater numbers, the 7th ward being a voting district that doesn’t abide FoxNews Republicans.

posted by: Anderson Scooper on March 17, 2014  10:50am

187-60 Roth wins. Although Phillipino may turn out Roth voters in even greater numbers, the 7th Ward being a voting district that doesn’t abide FoxNews Republicans.

posted by: tmac588 on March 17, 2014  4:49pm

Phillipino wins in my opinion, 120-105. I think both are qualified but he is very articulate with his views on budget reform. Good luck to both candidates.

posted by: Citydude on March 17, 2014  9:07pm

Hello, I never commented in these blogs before but I am tired and dumbfounded that nobody has found a solution to the budget hole, and even though it seems that there is no will in the current administration to lower expenses, at least there is an easy fix to this: raise ticket prices. If you don’t pay the meter in NYC, it’s $70, in Bridgeport it’s 35 and in New Haven is $20. Mayor Violations are mostly $30. Raise the prices and cash in on bad drivers, local and state wide, nationwide!. Oh, and BTW, there are downtonw ambassadors whose job is to do what’s mentioned in this article. Do a little research!

posted by: Threefifths on March 17, 2014  10:00pm

Abby Roth won a seat on the Board of Alders, and she won a new ally, as well—her election opponent.

Wake up people.The donkey and the elephant symbols of the two dominant political parties that are tied at the hip. The whole two-party political system is a criminal conspiracy hiding behind illusion induced delusion.The two major parties shout their differences, they are merely two sides of the same coin, two heads of the same beast, two servants of the Upper Class, and two protectors of the corporate plutocracy.We need to untie the donkey and the elephant.For those of you who keep voting them in.This is for you.

posted by: Semi Semi-Dikoko on March 17, 2014  10:18pm

Congratulations Abby Roth and thank you for continuing to live your story: Activism, service and now, bringing a much needed fresh perspective on the BOA. Timely!

posted by: Bradley on March 18, 2014  6:32am

There are 19 Republicans in ward 7? (Actually, I’ve met a number of intelligent and reasonable R’s while living in East Rock.)

posted by: Christopher Schaefer on March 18, 2014  8:23am

Roth: “I appreciate people showing their support.”  All 6 ½ % of the “people”. Roth: “I look forward to representing the ward well and being a force for positive change”. How can there be ANY change in a city that has representation by only ONE political party? It reminds me of the March 9 news story “North Koreans vote in parliament election”: there is one party, everyone votes for it—and their country is going down the toilet. At least in North Korea 100% of the people voted—not 6 ½ %. (OK, OK, so North Koreans would be executed by firing squad if they didn’t vote. Here you’ll simply be killed with taxes.) “The two bonded as they stood outside in the frigid air”. Phillipino: “I look forward to getting more involved with her”.  Go for it, Paul! Take her out to dinner a few times; a couple of movies at the Criterion—then pop the big question to her: “Will you change party affiliation?”

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