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Local Family Braves Cold

by Allan Appel | Jan 25, 2013 12:30 pm

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Posted to: Wooster Square

Allan Appel Photo Ducks may not get wet, but they can get cold and shiver. This heroic mallard was doing just that as cold and icy wind combined to dip city temperatures into the single digits.

Thursday afternoon, the ducks, who waterproof themselves by spreading oil over their feathers, paddled against the biting wind where the Mill River splits and narrows at English Station.

It may just have been the winds blowing against the direction of their paddling and shaking those oiled up feathers, but this mallard family seemed to quake in the icy blasts.

Where the waterway narrows and goes under Grand Avenue, sheets of ice lay broken like pieces of giant crockery that someone had dropped.

Meanwhile the water was beginning to freeze along the margins on the west bank of the Mill by English Station.

Sub-freezing are expected to continue. Ice skating, anyone?

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